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    Churimon: "I have extra chromosome" LOL

    The way we did it was a clan vote to ensure everyone has a input in the design. It is very costly and time consuming, and from what I was told this is the 2nd most expensive design atm. My clan is recruiting if interested PM me and I'll let you know the req. Thanks for all the lovely comments! Wish there was more of these uniform pics ppl are claiming to see! I'd love to see what other ppl came up with!
  3. Hello everyone this is my clan Enchant's uniform! ❤ on Mushin server Feel free to share your clan uniform or designs!
  4. Suggestions for a new player?

    @SweetumsOh gosh I forgot what lvl, but you upgrade fast enough up to that point because the game provides a lot while lvling so just save your money if you can.
  5. Server down or crashed ?

    7:18am for me, Night all. Hope you get to play soon GL & HF ❤
  6. Game stuck at title

    Same @AvoidtheNoid7:16 am yea, i'm calling it. Night all ❤
  7. Game stuck at title

    LMAO I think it was cause by the same problem though, because I had the same problem as ppl getting dcd/kicked off but I wasn't kicked off I logged off. Ppl experienced not being able to login after entering pin.
  8. Game stuck at title

    I was right this is the same thing, at least for me it is + threads more active too Server down or crashed
  9. Server down or crashed ?

    Haven't heard this song in a while, vids nice too :o @Pantheon
  10. Show off your characters!!

    yea really confusing for me too @CycLee
  11. Game stuck at title

  12. Game stuck at title

    I might be heading there soon as well zzz... @MinaYI don't think they know what's going on tbh or they would have que'd us in or given a time frame. Maybe their main techs are asleep.. Where I should have been.. a few hours ago..
  13. Game stuck at title

    I think everyone knows we're experiencing an issue logging in... what's new..
  14. Show off your characters!!

    Oh durr I'm a retard I didn't even see there was two! Ugh I'm so tired 5am I should really sleep @Phenixe