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  1. the price of mats shoots up making it more expensive even at the lower rates then the previous patch. And you ain't seeing that much more gold. Conspiracy time. What if it is NCSoft (and not the players) is botting the buying out of mats when they go to auction below certain prices? I have seen this too many times now. MTS went up in price last patch even though the SS were cut in 1/2.
  2. Blahahahahahahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa What ever.
  3. Yes it is pay to win because what I do in 70 hours a week only takes someone else 7 minutes with a swipe of a card.
  4. NCSoft took a great game and made it a turd. Its been so bad that I only log in to craft. At least the botters and hackers have stopped players from crying about the lag and poor optimization and needed quality of life improvements.
  5. Very much pay to win. Gold is what progresses your equipment, and you can only get so much gold a day. But if you break out that credit card you can fully gear up in a couple of hours instead of a couple of months.
  6. QFT And I don't care what anyone says 'pay to progress' is pay to win.... whoever has the bigger wallet has the better gear. The amount of gold it takes to upgrade is so *cricket*ing high that it is impossible for a 3 day a week player to catch up. And there is no time left for alts, but if I open my wallet to this dying game I can be on par. The ONLY reason I bought the founders pack and the year of premium was because this game was to sell cosmetics only. Boy have I been *cricket*ing duped by NCSoft. So now what?
  7. I am not playing other games, I choose to play BnS because they didn't put a paywall on dungeons. Well now that they did, I am very sorry that I bought a year premium membership. NCSoft is all about the $$$ and not about the supporters. Um you going to ban the hackers so I can go back to farming SSP? Or do you just hate your players?
  8. With the limiting on the costumes to one character, I will not be buying anything until I know what class and server I like to play on. Right now I am not going to buy something and get to level 45 and not like the feel off the class or the players on the server. Until I know what I like to play, I will not be plopping down my extra hard earned money.
  9. When I bought my packs I had no access to the forums because they were closed and I didn't know this was an issue. Had I known this I would of never gone master pack. Please change it, it will only make your customer base stronger. It's not giving anyone any advantage, and paying customers will likely pay more for the great service. As it stand with these master packs I am less likely to spend more money on this game because I didn't understand how these worked until I started playing this, and now I feel kind of ugh er tricked. And since I feel tricked, I don't want to be tricked again, and
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