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  1. I do agree that it has been mighty quiet lately. Perhaps they are waiting on a big reveal. 🤣😂😅😥
  2. Prime is an auto-hunting zone so "time" is irrelevant if you let you computer/character automatically run these areas while you are asleep or away. Of the 4 zones, Howling, comparatively, has a notoriously bad drop rate though but RNG is RNG .
  3. I did not "complain". I asked a question. You are a hammer looking for a nail.
  4. @Hime It appears that my F10 has has had the the same exact special items for days. Is that by design? BTW: I am also one who cannot access F5.
  5. @HimePatch notes state 3rd Tab is 5 coins but in game 3rd tab is 7 coins. Either the patch notes are wrong or the board is wrong.
  6. I have no idea who you are; your relative skill level; or your current gear status... What I do know is that a LOT of people who live by the DPS numbers are also using 3rd party tools for GCD edits and other programming changes. They achieve high levels of output by bypassing the game restraints and then brag about how good they are when its merely multiple cheats in effect. I say that to say don't take the DPS numbers to heart until there is something to keep the DPS gate-keepers (aka cheaters) from changing intended game play to their advantage. And yes, most people learn how to
  7. Agreed. And I am still ticked off about the furry 3rd spec which I refuse to play. Switched to my FM as a main and then they nerf that. Meanwhile, they buff my warlock to completely insane heights before introducing a class that even eclipses a well equipped WL in the DB class. I honestly don't get the constant tinkering and it is one of the reasons I left the game that shall not be named behind. They too just constantly screwed with class balance with no stated end-goal in sight. Just nerf, nerf, buff for the sake of change.
  8. "Additional Polishing Cloths are available at the Dragon Express for 2000 Angler's Pearls, or at the Hongmoon Store for 80 Ncoin (1 per day)." @Hime someone removed an event specific mechanism.
  9. My question as well. Indeed also 50 sec completion in normal mode HOW with the mandatory move out of the way mechs. I keep hearing of a bug and I guess it's true.
  10. The amount of players who can't play their class without an XML edit is huge and as we saw with the UE4 update before they updated the "cheat" engines, that lack of skill is a detriment to the game. GCD edits are people min/maxing and those DPS whiners are a non-issue and should be banned IMHO. That said, NCSOFT really should introduce some sort of limited XML editor for SimpleMode because whoever programs simple clearly does not play the class. The Shifting Blades simple mode is terribad for no good reason yet Lotus is almost perfect. How to explain that discrepancy w
  11. I actually thought/think it is a bug it is so bad and made a bug report. There is no way they intended for DB simple to be like that. It also moves skill set keys around such that one of the main dps items is almost useless since it is no longer a dedicated key and is only up for like 1.5 seconds when it uncovers. At least when they did it to the KFM's they made it stick around a little longer and never move dps items from a dedicated key in the process.
  12. Bug Summary: Dual Blade simple mode hides Decimator behind 4 but skillpath states it is an F function. Reproduction Steps: Enable simple mode; watch F appear for turn strike INSTEAD OF Decimator and try combat. Decimator is now hidden behind 4 and nigh unusable due to how quickly you need to hit that button after using "4". Turn off Simple Mode and Decimator will appear on F after using 4 for a much more human usable time frame. This bug needs someone to actually play through the character skill to see. Note: I am usually pretty lenient about bugs or inexplicable game pla
  13. You are correct on all points. Unfortunately that won't change a thing.
  14. From the C2A notes.... What are "Awakened Ancient Splendor Stones"?
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