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  1. Of course total silence about the boxes expiring. Hilarious.
  2. Imagine doing BG in this cheating/toxic mess.
  3. We would need to know quite soon if the boxes expire since we cannot get more keys after the 13th(?)
  4. Yes above post is all true. Game integrity is long gone. Just cheat yourself to gain yourself some advantage while you can, there's literally no punishment. It is better than falling prey to this malicious company.
  5. One time per trade per account. Boxes that you buy from F5 most likely "used up" their gifting count already. You have to farm 5/5 daily challenge to get 2 daily frozen gift boxes, and buy 3 from F10 for 3 Ncoins per day. Then trade those for up to a total of 5 per day.
  6. Hime doesn't even know what a holiday gift box is.
  7. Game is already dead and you can cheat openly how much you want. The "support" as you name it doesn't exist. When you report something the only thing you get is a big copy paste response. People need to realize this already.
  8. Yes something must be done, but will it? Of course not.
  9. Please fix the cooldown. I have gotten a lot of these and don't want to spend a couple months to use them...ffs
  10. Seems it was updated. Need some sort of compensation for the people that bought alot of keys before.
  11. Hongsil's treasure draw is still a copy from one year ago. ONE YEAR. That's how greedy they are. I agree, don't bother keeping up with the gems... Until you can get the maximum tier as a reward from the boxes.
  12. As if NCSoft would do anything about this LOL
  13. The new area is permanent yes, but the FPS is horrendous so you can't even farm there. The merchant is WAY, WAY too expensive too. One single fusion stone cost 1000 (1000!!!) emblems. Think about that...
  14. They did tell you in advance on the website so you could have used the haunted tokens. Despite that it is not very nice that they are starting to remove event stuff the final day so you can't get them anymore, but hey the game is well on its way to the bottom already with all the p2w stuff that is coming out faster and faster.
  15. Yes, that is my point. Soulstones and Moonstones that comes from PvP can at least be traded on the marketplace, which fusion stones can not...
  16. Good suggestion, but NCSoft doesn't listen to anything on the forums.
  17. There are too many negative things to say unfortunately. But the far worst thing is that they don't communicate what so ever. Really, really badly managed. It is unfortunate.
  18. Hello, Right now the only way to get a relevant amount of fusion stones is to do battlegrounds and get a rank to get fusion stones as a weekly reward. As we all know, the PvP is very unbalanced and tainted with cheaters/abusers and toxicity, and therefore is not a very enjoyable game mode. For people like myself who do not want to participate in this fiesta we need another way to get Fusion Stones. It is only fair to have another way to get them, since this upgrade is far the best upgrade you can do at end game. It should not be locked behind PvP.
  19. Yes. Same issue with Heavy Metal illusion weapon. Please fix.
  20. Both are a huge scam. Don't fall for easy NCSoft tricks.
  21. I expect to see soulstones in my inventory when servers get back up.
  22. Hello, The stats from the Silversteel Amulet and the stats that you get from the newly implemented compound system does not show in F2 character information. If you press "P" and look at your stats there it shows differently than from your F2 page.
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