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  1. Looks like no compensation. NCSoft will steal your money again. Nothing new really.
  2. So why exactly are everyone getting this? You are basically giving out free loot to players who did not suffer from the login error? Including one extra event dungeon run that is supposed to be once per day. GG NCWest you did it again.
  3. It is supposed to switch Celestial accessories to 3rd specialization but did not care to add it in apparently.
  4. PvP has been unplayable due to cheats and edits for a long time. Also the gear has spiraled out of control with all procs and immunities as you are saying. Why do you even bother?
  5. The second bundle for affected characters should be a Kaebi Village event ticket and some enchanted tickets that we could not get.
  6. As long as an Kaebi event ticket is in the compensation bundle.
  7. Good ol' NCWest. Barely no communication at all. We pay for your premium you know and cannot even log in. Hilarious.
  8. Is it gonna be fixed or not? Time is ticking. If not, please distribute one Kaebi Village ticket to affected characters.
  9. At least one more ticket for the Kaebi Village for those characters unable to login...
  10. I can login on all characters except my main which had a Moonlit Soul stage 4 in the inventory. Please fix it already.
  11. Communication on point as always. 😂
  12. I thought it was a patch notes error with the 2 levels reduced on the new tiers? Can't surely be true no? If so there is no way you can get +11 anymore.
  13. Of course total silence about the boxes expiring. Hilarious.
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