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  1. 25 Hongmoon Mastery Points?

    Ok so that is what they meant. Thanks.
  2. 25 Hongmoon Mastery Points?

    Hello, In the patch notes last week it said the maximum Hongmoon Mastery Points would be increased to 25, but it is still a maximum of 20 points. Am I missing something?
  3. Armory chest(s) - missing stuff!

    Still waiting for answer to this.
  4. Weapon "reductions"

    100% this must be a mistake so please fix it as soon as possible.
  5. Blade & Ghoul: Patch Notes & Overview

    Grand Celestial 9 to Thornbreaker 3 "reduction" is double the price now instead. Please tell me this is a mistake or a typo or something because it is absolutely ridiculous.
  6. Additional Dungeon and Daily Challenge Changes Coming

    Thank you Cyan. Just updating with a post like this means a lot to the players. This content update is definitely a step in the right direction.