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  1. Considering they close to 1shot you i guess that has to be it, lol.
  2. So aside from the fact that melee classes have it difficult anyways in this situation because they need the relevant damage to finish quest. The other problem that i noticed alot is that when you are already having a hard time, just 1 or 2, in this case ceruleans, can just get a gun, walk up to a group of 10 and kill everyone. This is so absurd idk why this was implemented. These guns are wayyyyyyyyyyy to powerfull and they make questing impossible on soulstone plains when your faction doesnt outnumber the opposing faction 500 to 1. So i hope you will nerf these guns, or delet
  3. according to this topic u can even go -> true siren->awaken pirate-> true pirate->true breeze
  4. So you find it acceptable that a professional and responsible company lies to their costumers? I understand what your point is, but actually its not really relevant here. In this whole situation the only responsibility ncsoft has is to provide us with reliable information. And they clearly failed to do this. When i look at this i kinda see a rushed content update, and after alot of complaints from scrubs about being behind on weapon upgrades (which are kinda understandable cuz the content update was rushed) they decide to change the weapon upgrade pattern.. Well, welc
  5. Pay 2 win? If im being really honost here, i have never seen a f2p game with actually so little p2w aspects in it. Yes you can pay to progress faster, but hell why not. People with jobs will have less time to play and can spend some money to make up for it. On the other hand people without jobs and more time to play are also in a position where they can still claim anything on the hongmoonstore except the premium membership (if you ahve no trustable people to buy from). Aside from that, PvP is totally equalized so even if you have not alot of time and
  6. Wow when i read this i just had to reply Are you *cricket*ing serious dude? Yes ofcourse you are not forced to do anything, but players make decisions based on assumed reliable information by a professional company who has a responsible position to provide their players and costumers with RELIABLE information.... Coming back on their word so suddenly is just plain out insane, i cant even imagine how they could think of that. Just plainly having to lie to people while they support their game.
  7. I see all these people saying they leave because of the bots or the spammers. While i do understand its annoying, because honostly, nobody likes it. But i dont think at the scale it is now it will kill the game, i like to play this game, maybe bots will sometimes annoy me, but it doesnt destroy my gameplay for me. I can still enjoy the game and why would i leave because of some bots? Like seriously? Its even free to play with quite a good system imo so no losses there. People leaving because of bots are spammers just dont like the game that well and find a reason to lea
  8. Did they really deleted negative threads like To fast? lmao. Its absurd to announce this update on a 2 days notice, fk that.
  9. Isnt this way to fast? I play on average atleast 5 hours a day which is alot i guess.. ANd i ddidnt have the chance yet to upgrade my gear to max. And u announce this 2 days before the update? I rather know it some weeks before.
  10. Its not only the 1vs1 bots. Its also the AFK (which i meant by noobs) players that just match up for 3vs3 tagmatches. You know on my alt, which is a lvl 42 KFM, pvp is quite hard so im low ranked, and every tag match i que up for at night there is at least 1 guy afk at my team, and i can not report them... GG rly.
  11. Let me clarify, its not bots. Its just afk ppl gaining zen beans from loss and they dont give a shit and they dont get punished. How the *cricket* can a game which profiles itself as a intense pvp game let this happen? Why can we still NOT report afk people? Fix this ASAP since it totally destroys the gameplay and actually also hurts your own game where its vulnerable most. It amazes me i dont even get an actual response from some teammember, i feel like you guys just dont give a shit to let the game die cuz u let the core values get *cricket*ed on.
  12. It amazes me i cant even fking report afk players or just fking noobs in arena pvp. Sometimes u just play 2 or 1 vs 3.. its crazy, and i cant even report them? So they can do this unpunished.. GG rly..
  13. /People here think we cant complain cuz its free stuff. You might be forgetting B & S promotes itself with this supposed "free stuff" and features, so if the daily dash, which IMO atm is complete garbage, sucks we are allowed to say so. Lets be honost, they said i could get hongmoon points? I didnt even get one single fking venture token from the day headstart started till now, except for the one in the first dash, but seeing how u dont get the items u go over right now. The chance of getting venture tokens in the dash is really low now as well.
  14. Well I agree with the reasoning that outfits should be account bound, character bound is just to motherfkin greedy to even start talking about it. I decided i would stop buying anything cosmetic related until those things go account wide. I will play with easily to gain free outfits.
  15. Its unlucky, some ppl get it in 1 try.
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