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  1. I can't help but laugh at his forum history. You didn't think you were going to get banned? Forum history says otherwise.
  2. character creation

    I mean in that case, just pick a random name and name change when the char deletes? You can play the class, you just don't get the name right off the bat. Not a big deal really.
  3. character creation

    Did you pick up your free char slot? You get one with Warlock.
  4. purple quest

    You can craft it, buy it off the market or it drops off mobs in that area. I've picked them up all three ways.
  5. [Solved]

    Well then there you have it. I never looked that far into it. Like I said, i just compared exp and knew it was there.
  6. [Solved]

    This happened to me as well. You get the buff, you just can't see it posted anywhere. It's another visual thing. I only knew it was working because I was lvling with someone and we compared exp off kills. It's unfortunate.
  7. Need Advices.

    PVE is one thing, you should be able to play it. I have a friend with this problem and she managed to get to 45 before calling it quits. But, its all up to you really. You should be able to enjoy the PVE though.
  8. Hujikar weapon Breakthrough droprate

    Tizzay and play together, and I have yet to get mine. It's unfortunate, but RNG is a cruel *cricket*.
  9. Outfits/Costumes

    If they drop in game, everyone can get them. Premium or not, from what I understand. Here's a nifty site if you were interested that shows the costumes - http://bns-fashion.com/. I have had friends who have played the game before the launch here that are saying some of the costumes aren't listed in f3 yet at all.
  10. Transformation Stones

    That or you can craft them :)
  11. Outfits/Costumes

    It takes time. Just keep at it and you'll eventually get it.
  12. Food Buff Bug?

    I've used all of them so far, and have not seen a buff on my bar. But, I was playing with others, so I was able to compare the exp and knew it was working. It's annoying, that's for sure.
  13. Food Buff Bug?

    It's a display issue. You actually get the buff, you just don't see it on your bar.
  14. STOP IT !!

  15. [Q] Guild Names

    This I don't know. Maybe someone who's tried will pop in and give some insight.