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  1. Turnaround time for manual transfer

    I made a char on Yehara and have been playing and having fun, I just want to get my founders and signature items so I can move on with the game.
  2. Turnaround time for manual transfer

    I saw the topics with official "We have a lot of requests" replies in them. I was wondering as to a time table.
  3. I submitted a ticket to move my character off of Mushin, and haven't heard back. I was wondering what the turnaround time for those requests was, and if anyone had any info.
  4. Huge bump. Something needs to be done.
  5. So a ton of people created on mushin to be able to play with friends. Now they are stuck, unable to transfer their goods and characters to a more normal server. 2342 premium members waiting to get in. That is insane. I want to be able to play the game I paid for, as does everyone else. 1) Is this indicative of what the game will be like past launch? Will we be stuck for hours unable to play the game? If not, what are the dev's going to do about it? 2) Are we ever going to get the ability to transfer to a less burdened server? I would like to take my char to a server I can play on, with all my master pack goods in the inventory. 3) What form of compensation are we going to get for this insane delay? And we definitely deserve one. This is not the fault of the players, but the fault of the devs for creating and allowing this situation to happen. We can't spin the wheel, or gain exp or gold. Or items for that matter. 4) When are things going to change to help us play? I am willing to cut my losses and take my wallet elsewhere, but I'd rather not. Can we please get an official response from the BnS team?
  6. Server is offline?

    Wow I derped hard reading the email, lol. Thank you, i just saw it was PM not AM. I'll check back in a while xD
  7. Server is offline?

    It is now 11:37 am EST. Do we know when the server will be up? I still cannot connect to it.