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  1. Bots who farm Quartz

    wow is no more flooded by bots. Blizzard had introduced the wow coin (1 coin= 20€) you can use it for one month subscription or sell on moderated auction (they avoid lower prices) you can gain from one coin (20-30k price is related to request for this coin). The day after this change all gold spammer are gone. You can buy coins in the blizzard market. Id NC will introduce a similar coin there is a chance to make Bots useless. Please stop request game change that impact on legit player (that are easy bypassed by a gold seller company).
  2. Servers crashed ?!

  3. Servers crashed ?!

  4. Servers crashed ?!

    we will discover that the server are owned by gold seller so if too much people put them in ignore list they reset server to punish us !!! (lol i am sarcastic). Nc let us know what is happening to servers pls.
  5. Hello, i have bought the Tirumph suite and used it for a while but 10 min ago i dropped the golden's deva suite and i discover that Triumph suite is bugged and cannot be storede. So don't buy this suite.
  6. for NC west this is a new situation so this is normal for the first months. I hope they will reach perfection before players lost patience and go in other mmo.
  7. Some serious Bugs after maintenance EU server

    the chat issue is not a issue is their fix to gold seller spam .... lol As any patch before this happen usually when 1) there is no ptr where try patch 2)NCwest is not the developer of the patch so they don't know nothing about bugs and other bad things. I hope they will try next patch in order to end the bad loop 1) deploy patch 2) read tons of bug report 3) ask to developer to hotfix issue 4) translate in english 5) deploy the hotfix :P
  8. this is not is *cricket* :P all gathering nodes are shared so if some one simply open a node and don't take resource the node is owned by that player and no one can use that node for 40 minutes - 1 hour . This is an unwanted feature of the game that many player hope NC will change it making respawn quick (10 mins or less) or removing the nodes sharing.
  9. lol i was looking for information and i found that. For the fixing issue i will hope this happen... but last patches increase number of issue (client crash disconnect and much more). I am not hater nor Famboy i only want to play and NC could change maintenance time to make all palyers happy
  10. t I found this on wikipedia: "Blade & Soul (Hangul: 블레이드 앤 소울; RR: Beulleideu aen soul) is a Korean fantasy martial-arts massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by NCSOFT (Team Bloodlust). On September 13, 2012" So this game is not new. The only new things are NA/EU server and english translation of the game. i love this game and i will continue to play but i only would like to change is maintenance timing
  11. 10 February will be the day one ... apocalypse maintenance of 1 day?? ROTLF the bad thing is the new issue wave post patch (did they use to test new content?)
  12. Complaining about Maintenance timing is our right as well as is our right ask for a compensation (for premium player). Bear in mind Blade & soul is an OLD MMO only EU/NA server are new.
  13. No this is not real! 2 maintenance in 1 week ? why the hell?? 5 hours?? did NC need so much time to bring server on the backbone? how is possible we are in 2016 and they destroy eu prime time for 2 new server ? NC did you want to make this game like a desert? yes i am an upset premium player. 5 hours and 30 min to do nothing?? and how much time before the game will be playable?? please NC developer start to work to a post patch hotfix! i only want to play and NC need to find new timing for maintenance... I am sorry:(
  14. NC soft did you read this topic? (hidden bump)