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  1. All of your posts are null and void here, it's not down to any GM to solve any of these issue's. It is however upto the Dev's to look into any bug's in question best place for this post is in the bug section of the forum's.
  2. well sending a ticket is a waste of time just get generic response, and yes bumping after 15mins is up to me.
  3. What is happening with the constant disconnections login game last about 1min then boom error poops up game closes, this been going on for last hour for me since that's when I got in from work. Getting rather frustrating -.- Any response from a mod or someone in technical support would be awesome thanks.
  4. To be honest going for Legendary weapon is not logical unless you can go straight to stage 6 reason being is that anything below stage 6 will not give you much of a benefit compared to sticking with True Scorpio. There are some google doc's knocking around that show this, Legendary weapon really come's in it's own at 6 and above. So no need to rush yes it's nice to have it but not an absolute essential. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JOQK34BUTR_55XwnbJOk388gjokrtLZFdhi3vIwXjZc/edit?pref=2&pli=1#gid=278009508 google document check it out. Chillax peace out.
  5. Totally agree no sign of life on twitter here on the forums checked and there facebook site was down TBH I really can not see this game seeing in the New Year at this rate. The DC'ing is taking the *cricket* Login 5min or mins and boom dc, xserver boom dc, dungeon boss boom dc. They are not feeding there hamsters in there servers located in there back yard in a shed. All my friends and 99% of clan mates have quit meh. Oh well this post is like flogging a dead horse not getting anywhere.
  6. Give those lowbie camping 50 hm8+ that nasty buff you receive from Jinsoyunn from that cutscene where you awaken and have to escape Talus Dungeon and the 8 masters have to remove it, say like 10 plus lowbie's get buff for 30mins then every kill after that you gain 10mins.
  7. It's not hard to understand, windstriding is the ability to harness chi to move yourself from one location to another. Where as a Dragon Pulse is 99% of the time a permanent fixed point to another fixed point and also has the greater ability to move you through time.
  8. No grind more whine less having everything handed to you on alt's is stupid some item's and stuff yeah but skill's achievements do them again learn how the class works rather than just jumping in easy mode.
  9. Exactly play wisely use the low cooldown one's 1st then pop the 20 hour or whatever it is before logging off simples.
  10. Yeah i am really liking the idea of Monk and 3 section interlocking staff you could have dual stance with it.
  11. I would love to see an Iron Fan class or monk pole class, and do away with Destroyer's and drowned all lyn's. Lyn was never a playable class when game 1st launched in Korea even if they are now they should not have cat's there skill's should be same as Iksan realm Walker. rarrrr :o
  12. People leaving due to waiting to get in game is a lame excuse, if they was truly passionate about the game that would not have bothered them. But have to admit it NCWest did underestimate how popular this game was and did not have things in place to cope with such influx at launch. As for grinding ect it's an asian mmorpg they are all the same that's the way they like them that's way I like them it's never going to change whatever game you go to the grind to progress is good you feel you have actually acheived something. RNG again it's the way asian mmorpg's are don't like it then
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