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  1. Can i update CBT to final Client?

    theres also this
  2. Feeling the hype for name reservation?

    Yeah i know its different times and different regions in launcher, i was switching before checking ping and so on during cbt :) thats awkward cause when i search the name on the site you provided it says "0" for your name
  3. Server is offline?

    yup still dead
  4. Server is offline?

    yup servers are still dead, no need to get worried over failed connection
  5. ^yup did the same thing, and exactly same thing happened
  6. Feeling the hype for name reservation?

    @messie Yes it can't be already taken, reservation ahsn't started yet lmao my question is: if someone with master pack wants to reserve names on both NA and EU thats also possible right?
  7. Hello, i played during CBT, and read on facebook page that we should delete the CBT client before installing the new one for the clean install. So thats what I did, then rebooted pc yet I keep on getting this: whenever i pick a new installation folder. i have jp and tw versions but in other folders, and no other one so why does i keep on detecting a client and asking me to choose a folder with correct verison of the game? So sicne i can't pcik an installation folder whenever i click on "install the game" i get the "[laucnher error]a faulty isntallation URL has been transmitted" I still have my NCSOFT launcher installed and one folder named NCSOFT in my documents in user folder with 2 files: ClientConfiguration and ClientConfiguration_backup. Did it not uninstall properly? I have no idea how to clean registry or stuff like that, help ;_; edit: ok i deleted the ncsoft folder in my user files and now im just hoping it will work cause it just started updating on its own after running the launcher *prays*