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  1. hey :) It's possible to buy from the cash shop "change apperance" but only the apperance, not the gender has i heard.
  2. there are 3 options: reinstall the game or change the settings in the file or delete it :) : C:\Users\User Name\Documents\BnS\NCSOFT Open "ClientConfiguration.xml" (This will change the ui back to normal) <option name='ui-scale' value='95'/> <option name='ignore-ui-scale' value='0'/> OR (This will change it to full-window mode) <option name='windowed' value='0'/> <option name='full-windowed' value='1'/> <option name='full-screen' value='0'/>
  3. Very laggy game.

    have you tryed closing this service ?
  4. Wheel Of Fate Pain In The Butt

    RNG can be a pain in the butt, but in that case - i got my first set, in the very first try. an 8 pack included with all different 8 pieces :)
  5. Very laggy game.

    i had the same problem with my PC. My friend with nearly identical system ran smooth, but somehow my pc had problems with lagging in game. The internet connection was fine as he had no problem (we was on the same network). After restarting the game and logging into another server and back on - the problem seemed to go away. Dunno if its some on there internal servers there are a bit overloader.