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  1. Problem is solved for me. I dunno how nor why but i launched the game today and azerty layout was working.
  2. Meme apres la maj, tjs le meme probleme, rien n a changé
  3. As long as people spend money on troves, why the hell should they do anything except for the bare minimum ? We always were treated like ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, we are being treated like ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and we will forever be treated like ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, point was made at the very beginning of the game. Their goal is to frustrate the player base enough to spend money on troves and not too much so enough players keep "playing" the game. Doesn t matter if it s the same players, as long as the number is in the expected range.
  4. Same for me, still can t use my azerty layout, and it is annoying cause even if i can switch to qwerty layout, i can t type IG
  5. It took me 82 runs to see the weapon box, like i said, it s just plain stupid.
  6. 45 runs later, i ve seen the hellion ring but not a single weapon chest or weapon... This is just ridiculous. And yes, i ran NM and HM, no difference at all. Having a purple weapon with same or lower drop rate than a legendary item is just plain stupid.
  7. Have they forgot to put the purple weapons needed to upgrade dawnforge/riftwalk 7 ==> 9 in the new dungeons ? No weapon box from daily/dynamic, no weapon from loot after 10+ runs... It begins to bother me.
  8. The 5M Exp charms transmute is a great thing but why on Earth does it need unbound mats (Soulstone/Sacred Orb) when the item isn t tradable and is for people to catch up !? Everyone has tons of Soulstone Crystals and Sacred Crystals so if you want people to catch up with Exp, use those Mats for the transmute ! Even worse, introducing this Exp charm and IN THE SAME TIME, nerfing the supply of Sacred orbs in dailies and so on is a dick move. I really don t get it, everytime something nice is implemented, there is a big step backward making no sense at all for
  9. Oh look, another US retard telling EU that we should be glad to loose 1day/week cause we agreed a ToS. Ofc you don t care, you aren t the one taking that bullshit maintenance time every wednesday. And sure, since Ncwest are greedy af, i don t mind gameforge taking the game for EU. I don t like Gameforge but since Ncwest is already trying to milk every penny out of the players anyway, it woudn t change much.
  10. They just don t give a shit. If you haven t understand that now, you never will. If a problem stays for over a year, they won t solve it now, that s just it. If you want to be heard, you need to hit where it hurts, money income. But like always people will rage for now then the maintenance will be over and people will forget until next week maintenance. They know you ll still play the game what ever they ll do so they take advantage of this, that s all.
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