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  1. Classic Mode arrow keys (left and right) when activated during NumLock Auto-walk feature instead control the Camera left and right swivel, as opposed to the previous version - controlling Character direction swivel.


    it seems there are more than a couple of things that have not caught up to expectations iterated during the UE3 version... I hope this one issue that I have brought up in this post will be received and corrected as it was because, I have considered if the change was purposeful, and determined that it likely was a mistake in the current implementation.


    I so look forward to seeing what if anything can come from this thread; and while there's a new pile of mumbo to sift through, the air you will be breathing should be that of a proud moment as it continues clearly being a large success.


    So thank you.

  2. are there any safeguards against multi account abuses?


    even in the forums?


    may i claim a degree of reasonable ignorance?


    is there a point to a design “contest” if the same winners get through to voting every time, 


    personally id like to see a different GRAND PRIZE winner every year    ...


    is it really the same artist winning this every year?

    its disappointing to me that even with the design constraints their art style looks the same as those at least two other grand prize winners? three times is too much right?  it looks like the same outfit designer from past contests, even without the signature, nothing wrong with that, but.... every visible submission looks game worthy, why is there a pile-comparison of votes again, multi accounts? only fans? bored niewbs? general apathy? 

    I know I’m not crazy thinking All five of them are worth sooooooo many more votes than they have at this moment.


    just delete this post, im only going to garner more unwarranted excessive hate for the first few lines when i was scratching publicly at a fearful suspicion (scritch scritch scratchin, am i on to somethin’ or is it just a pain somewhere i cannot see...)


    otherwise: A sincere but needless Congratz* at making such a remarkably resonant design! i cant wait to see how it turns out in game, too bad the race wasnt closer for the other contestants that made it so far, all the designs look incredible and speak to the style of the artist’s individuality, i hope they do the design contest again and soon! (ahhh back-to-back contests if only...) i cant wait to see the next awesome and unique takes from the artists practiced enough to make such refined drawings.


    plus, no contestants would know for certain if theirs would be picked for the voting stage; i can imagine it would be fun and fulfilling just to try, not to mention building the practice for the next go arounds.


    yeah i think the votes should be closer, all the designs look good for the game...


    and well, the prompt, cosmic couture: couture is a given cause the character models rig the outfit to some degree; Cosmic : now that is still a branch mostly un-told in fashion, even Blade and Soul fashion, so the creativity really showed on that one, each artist interprets that to heart, which is absolute beauty -


     - i really liked the eldritch themed one for that, i hope that one gets into the game, for everything about it: really cool outer coat, sleeves, also the hood, and the pet! i probably like Star Eater the best for the full context of how i view the contest this time


    - the one with the clear bubble helmet is totally delightful, plus all the detail on the dress part is really satisfying to view, i hope that one gets into the game


    - the exosuit one is really special, it makes me feel like im hopping around on the moon just by looking at it and i hope it gets into the game


    - the purple dress attire is super fancy and i think that one will win. i cant wait to see how the shear sections at the calves looks and the manner to which theyll make the metal parts shiny


    - the one with the most votes at the time of my writing this, looks super cool with the electric power wings and coat tails and hair concept, people clearly ease in to that art style, for obvious reasons too right? im not totally blinded by the fear (; ( and i really dont want to be an insult in this occasion, i realize the high probability of the very matter-of-fact answer that it is simply the winning design this time around.)


    perhaps im merely suspicious this time, i wish they could all win theGRAND PRIZE, and im confident im not alone in THAT feeling 

     oh yeah and no doubt i have a terrible envy for the practice and the talent and the whatever-else it takes to craft digital images of the caliber represented in these 5 recent examples 




    if you enjoyed reading this please add comment, i think i could add more thoughts and enhance the clarity of my meanings, and theres probably a more productive conversation for the topic than the blatant fraud suspicion which i started out with and through the course of writing, eased back from because ultimately it cant effect me so deeply whether the same artists win the contest year after year, but im going through with this post as it is anyway to raise the point and maybe dig into some other meaningful discussions, because each of you people are important to me.


    to continue on: if i could ask one thing it’d be, if the modelers that bring the design into game-reality are part of the selecting process and if so: what kinds of challenges are they excited to face when taking contest winner’s design and what challenges do they ultimately have to steer away from regardless of the overall excitement for the artist’s vision?


    also id love to hear the artist’s thoughts but i dont think many players actually log onto the forums. i for one only log on to write essay for a number of hours and then either forget to check back frequently or hold mild apprehension at experiencing how others interpret my texts if they even choose to log in and reply

  3. when i was running story 10+ times, i kept active like a speed runner, id use stamina for a little and then use ss and anything else the class had for combat speed, enough to not let stamina totally refill so i could use stamina while the skills came back from cool-down.


    ive always looked for what better habits i could be practicing that could further my comprehension of the developer’s viewpoint of the game’s design and balance construction


    trying to use what theyve provided to the fullest extent: this has always been entertaining to my thought processes; instead of wishing for change


    and less related to this topic but: i do not give anyone in the universe consent to call me a masochist.

    I resent the trend of misinformation, and it is way too easy for people to claim knowledge and then end up spreading their own false narratives. 

    dunno why, but i felt like i had to put that rant here this time



    i cant run story anymore until the next class, so i do miss that adventure as well as keeping current with their changes to it. i remember a few runs i totally forgot about them adding windstride short cuts throughout, and after that i practiced checking the map after every chapter incase i could skip any running bit, just because it could be faster, otherwise maybe id set auto walk and step away for a water refill or just stretch my arms and legs a bit and take a few deeply intentional breaths.


    i could see them scrapping the stamina system, but also not: i could see them adding new animations to stamina use and status; we’ve heard talk of mounts, etc


    heres one last thing for now,,,: as the game was being built out and they added stamina, what that did was open up maps to more exploration, there is the highest point in the silverfrost mountains that you need 40k stamina for; but, the scenic route to enjoying in-game time, is it a waste of time for you? there might even be higher places than that place, maybe theres a secret place that opens up later that you need infinite stamina to reach, maybe it was bound to happen and asking for it had no effect on the future, or maybe not; is there anything else that would keep you interested enough to forget about things you might have to wait for?


    ill check back in a while, unfortunately i dont often see that people reply to my posts on forums. i like to see if my input makes things any better for others as i could hope to intend for; just trying to share my feelings incase theres good ideas to make of them.

  4. it is another necessary and interesting facet to the mechanics of the game.


    take 6v6 for example; furthermore it adds another avenue for intriguing balance among classes.

    *ahh its been a while and i dont remember if it is infinite stamina in battlegrounds...


    keep stamina, but fix the dragon bone inscription gate, especially for such an early purple quest.

  5. heres one of my attempts at a mass of words to convey my feelings on the topic of needing effective guards against cheats/abuses -


    I’m glad to have made myself a part of this game and to come back to all that ive built for myself within it every day im able to and to build yet more; it hurts to see the ToS abusers get away with their non-sense, and i can feel when the game functions differently (and for me: worse,) during the times when im resolved to witness and share experiences with what i can perceive as those consistent and/or subtle cheaters. 


    im certain the mere reputation keeps potential players from considering this game an option.  im also certain that some players whether cheating or legitimate aim to disrespect the game due to being more invested in some other enterprise, and/or are willing to flex their various societal disconnections in that way.


    No doubt it is a big problem, and no doubt it is an Unnecessary problem. If this topic wasnt so impactful, the development efforts could be directed more efficiently towards an even stronger sense of community as well as self-fulfillment; 

    but it seems there’s a kind of movement that purports mutual exclusivity between self-fulfillment and a sense of community... I wholeheartedly disagree with such notion, but this is a realization one needs to believe for themselves, not because theyve been told that its the right thing to do, unless they really trust said source...


    I just hope more people get to appreciate Blade and Soul because of the Genuine interactions they can share across its unique medium.


    i have no envy for the figures charged with cleaning up a mess of this potential magnitude; some of their decisive actions may be gratifying but ultimately, i think it would become clear that people spend their time in this game because they enjoy everything it can mean to them; But, the severity of the hurt that those clearly disrespectful attitudes can inflict, has lasting consequences for all around them, intentional or not.


     - im happy to have put so much thought into this post even though the context is potentially darkening


    thanks everyone

    and to carry on, much love

    as always, take care

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  6.  This was digitally created through multiple screenshots - hand cropped and scaled with care, composed in order to provide myself a glimpse of the depth of my acquaintance to universe of Blade and Soul from a currently impossible perspective. I added an artistic border to tantalize the movements of your eyes, and to meet the size requirement.


    I had thought to share this one when i completed it, but adding it to the already wonderful list of submissions for this year's loading screen art contest was apparently how i chose to do so.




    ...and if you and I are acquaintances, then perhaps it would be nice to see friendly visage during those longer load screens when you're not sure if anyone else is waiting for you.

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  7. what is in question here is the integrity of the producers of this environment. 


    (obligatory call to ban players continuing to break terms of service)


    money is valued on an individual basis despite its commercial worth.


    the game development world is a realm of ‘magick’ where they are generating value out of what: ones and zeros: art: history: communion: love; 


    this thread’s topic is important; its author is making a serious effort to communicate.


    I hope the producers find a way that meets no cause for resistance.

  8. first off - ever since the stream preview for Iron Will Destroyer, i noticed the HUD element they received, indicating 3 yellow axes, it doesnt have much impact on their usual skill combo. on the other hand, Reaper Destroyer stacks up to 3 Galeforce for a double hit galeforce, and the only indicator for the galeforce stack size is on the buff icon tray; this stack size icon gets pushed off the edge to where it can no longer be seen due to all the various soul,pet,weapon,partybuffs,heart, and everything else that shows up on the buff icon tray,

    for reaper destroyer, having a HUD element exactly like the one Iron Wil destroyer has, would be a great improvement to the playability, so much so that i wonder if it was supposed to be added to Reaper Des rather than Iron will destroyer, as it has no impact on the way a player interacts with Iron will skill kit. 

    iron will des was getting released then and it would be easy to assume all the new destroyer assets would be tied to it..

    second and last for now,  is Warlock

     - - Distortion is the only warlock specialization im interested in for now, and ever since auto combat got introduced, their macro has been missing their 2 skill which activates their bracelet buff... seems like something Quality Analysis would not have missed and yet,,,

    the simplest fix would be to make [2] skill (soul shackles) be the 1st priority skill before wingstorm [V]..


    since this post involves multiple classes and could be added to, i started it in general discussion, but im guessing mods could move it to a more appropriate place if there is one

  9. this update brought in good and bad:


    - harvest tickets are a nice iteration to the event currency theory

    - fashion emblems not being available any other way than once/twice a day for the entire account, and as the least valuable option from wheel of fate is sad and bad..


    - primeweald has the collection with three nice items, the head slot is not special - the hair that is; the crown element matches, and is cool

    - primeweald currency, and play-style, is really depressing,,,


    - crafting stuff mustve been problematic? in the past iterations? it is really boring this time, to me. i recall previous times it felt more integrated, this time it is basically forgettable other than the ?*?*?*???*chance?*??*?*?*?*?*??? at the favored items from wheel.


    everything else is unremarkable to me at this moment




  10. player cap per channel is too high,

    everything from merchant far far far... too expensive,


    to get a simple gem hammer it takes 2 days worth of daily quests which take hours to complete. out of touch, yes.


    1000 gold for outdated pvp accessories is insulting,,,, (outlaw island accessories are overpriced too, also they evaporated the drop rates after the first week and even more the week after)(and with that said, it should be a simple matter for them to tool the numbers, it should not even take a week, there is no danger in making the game less troublesome)


     but saying that everything from primeweald merchant has an extra zero, is not an exaggeration.

  11. please no more auto ruts; fishing for upgrade materials is bad, auto hunt zones are bad, those who are cheating to auto their game are bad... trying to cover up bad spots by clumping in more potentially bad things is not improving anything; as in: the list of what is bad goes on...


    but what makes the game good still despite all the worst things? they’re still working on it; they acknowledge our critiques, even if they are not all processed in-time; their unique concept is still intact; auto-sort for inventory is surprisingly well implemented... 


    but if the BnS Complete has any auto non-sense other than the inventory sorting,  ,,  ,,,  well who knows, maybe it could be cool, like running around with all the characters on that account at once, and then micro-ing into any of them as fun required one to, as well as micro-ing what any of a character’s skill macros could be, and selected from lists of saved templates you - or another’s who then shared - could have designed... 


    Hopefully they can leave their clearest mistakes annotated and in the past (:



    after all, it isn’t unrealistic for fun to still exist when one is unhappy with the nature of their personal path. and it is certainly valid to express where are the areas of unhappiness


  12. one explanation could be that they are ahead a number of patches there; there is a clear trend of providing easier access the longer something has been released.


    a point of contention i think is important to bring up is the way people treat each other; its very rude to make assumptions, and obviously individuals will be prone to their own parallax, but you cannot make claims about anyone else's willingness to grow, the only ground you have is your own experiences, none of which are identical to some one else's.


    Stop harassing each other for being different and retrace all of your steps if you cant see that you are separate from someone else. respect that you dont know all you dont know.


    playing the genre card is not a valid point.

  13. #23597690

    Yura; characters: Swordin Swordin, Samahd FoershurrXIV, Quetzalxochitl, Shay Iyera, Kaollh, Enorez Zerone, Swordin, Toltecatl, Avahya, Pki Pyi, Faith Iyera, Zen Archer.


    when will we see the end of this debacle , its not even high speed but in recovery they keep running into the scenery and ruining it somehow 


    and since it got quoted, “...embarrassed at thinking im cared about by this bully publisher”[sic]...

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  14. theres a chance that talking about it like this could do some good for everyone. i agree it is quite bad. i also agree about the uselessness of the comment regarding complacency on their pessimistic outlook.


    it is a marker of a continuing trend of development that really disappoints me in terms of where this game was on release, on top of a lot of other things, i hope development shifts back to an appreciation for the core of the game and the methods of growth that were emphasized in the past. i know people have been cheating undisturbed since release and it really bothers me that auto combat is being integrated instead of prevented. on top of that, the auto combat logic is so poor and we cant effect it in anyway without cheating - im assuming those folks would alter their macros if they had any window of control. among all the things that make the future grim, a video game steering off a cliff in terms of their development shouldn’t bother me so much, but here i am now on a public forum complaining about it.


    i would make great macros if it didnt jeopardize my account, but i always admired blade and soul for being a game that would play better without automating skill chains and playing manually for improvisational advantages, but then the frame rate and latency proves the boring macro hacker full advantage especially when  they are paying for servicing to their ping against anyone else’s.


    something about the harmful mentality of weighing short-term over longer term gains. only fashion matters, fashion and making zero mistakes

  15. i agree lightning spec was jarring to learn at first compared to other classes and specs, but it is great, a great take on FM and offers a lot of interesting choices, however there ought to be a 3rd column talent on the 1st row, really disappointed they couldnt come up with anything for that option, to me a pretty bad sign. we all share the pain of how transitioning between specs includes any resistance at all.


  16. this is really bad news, its a curbstomp.

    there arent better games out there, i can not believe when people compare gameplay of fantasy star2 to Blade & Soul.... but thats my vote... this dungeon daily quest reward change is very sad, its too sudden it feels like. the metrics that have been posted about the daily gold possibility versus the daily gold drains including fishingbaits ( even though that is a scam because they dont stop everyone from scripting programs to use the lowest price baits, and those cheaters got their gains and keep them. seeing cheating players and gatekeeper personas inspires dread more than any grind ( i know youll view my angst here and feel gratified you degraded fools ) ) are important to comprehend, and if the western devs have any job at all, they should be enabled to pour in aid to this digital universe with new exciting and appropriate technique. Please dont simply toss us baits to make up for the imbalance in daily affects, im so annoyed by the progression requiring automated anything, including Random Number Generator “fishing” that takes tens of hours to get minuscule considerable amount barely making up for its gold cost and never the time cost. But i cant really offer ideas until i know the full context of what the western dev team has to work with from their own voice; and im sure im not the only one that yearns to team up on that subject. the players in this game want to be able to play all the content, but the reality is the content is designed to be intensively  challenging and more so the further in one goes not only with lack of experience in new settings but the accumulation of trends we learn through older content that informs and reassigns those older habits. So it is difficult to see that changes are being made to make the challenge not the content but the accessibility of that content...

  17. Thank you for all the good sense you always give to the community.

    On 5/14/2020 at 3:50 PM, Cyan said:

    All of you reading this have varying opinions, experiences, and thoughts about many different things. 

     - this quote is a smile for me and i believe for others as well 



  18. there is a mistake in their post:


    the event preview mentions “back to school” outfit which is not in the game wardrobe,

    and the picture preview shows “school days” (the red one) which is not mentioned in the rewards list...


    so unless @Cyan or someone on the team can clarify that, i guess we have a surprise to look forward to !! :PupthosHappy::HajoonSurprised:

  19. it is a bad idea to scale the price of currency exchange based on bulk; it would disrespect the currency they offer.


    instead of thinking that you “get more” for paying more, what is really the case is that you are getting less and less if you have to limit your budget to the smaller purchases.


    nc doesnt scam us like that, im happy about it.

    i know people will say they scam us other ways, but i would disagree with them and also say that doesnt compare to the scams other more omnipotent organizations (read government, and companies that have power over said government) have been enforcing over centuries world wide.


    how about this then- you do actually get benefited by buying larger bulk ncoin amounts: the time you save not making 25 10 dollar amount purchases when you buy the $250 option..!


    hope you like it, thanks for raising this point and catching my eye and intention to inform, good thing NC has respect for their currency unlike “literally 99.99% of other games do.” 

  20. hold onto them, depending how far you had them  progressed, they might be worth completing, but not as accessories but salvaged for jewels, follow yellow and orange quests, temple of succession orange intro quests give the basic starting accessories for lvl 60

  21. lets deconstruct what the miss-conception is here:

    p2w - Pay to win...

    winning is subjective,

    winning arena youll want a good computer(dont get me started on the legitimacy of vpn/ping boosters which bully out standard connections...) as well as a lot of practice.

    winning 6v6 might require a level of gear but most importantly practice and intelligent positioning according to your gear/build/playstyle/.../ as well as a good computer.


    and then pve content is really just a bonus, a place to practice and meditate your technique.


    players win by playing, there is not a thing you can do were you dont earn something that will improve your ability, other than blargling in chat/forums/etc


    when theres so much fuss like this spreading false context, people stop thinking about acting towards what they desire and just pout sad in their corner, if players fresh out of story stormed 6v6 despite any cruel remarks from older or paying players, most of them would be winning, but all of them would be earning as long as they’re trying.


    furthermore, financial support is necessary in the lives of anything in our age, we can enjoy somethings without supporting them and we can enjoy supporting things that benefit us and get benefited for providing what financial support we offer them. but really this games mechanics are so deep it always comes down to one’s resolve, like how much they practice getting good and staying good and things they want to perform well in. look forward to fair fights but itd be at least a bit delusional to expect them all to be fair; and i agree that is an unfortunate sentiment of our reality.

  22. some characters offer no humanity to the parties they join and are actually hacker bots.


    E.G characters that pass by a floored/chi recovering player, characters that start and finish an encounter before the full party is present: they are bots and they are hacking.


    pretty simple


    happy gaming yall,

    try to remember that we all share this time and space, every moment of our lives is held onto by everything else as well.

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