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  1. read the tootip properly plz Counters a frontal attack for 1 sec Deals 18 ~ 21 [1.50] damage on Counter Another proof that you are wrong is that i do get the focus .
  2. Tooltips are tooltips . the spin deflects and attack for 0.5 sec . To deflect an attack well ... you need to be attacked first . A counter isnt an attack . A counter procs an automated attack on SUCCESSFUL counter .That attack can be deflected . On SUCCESSFUL counter you get 2 sec stun daze immunity . How do i get stunned then ? The fact that the block attack part gets deflected SHOWS that the block was SUCCESSFUL . The fact that i need to explain to you the tooltip of those spells just hints me that you have no idea how those spells work therefore i dont know what you are doing here . Ps: i dont know where you ve seen a rmb that pierces block and stuns .
  3. okkkk i m gonna try to make it easy for you ..maybe you ll understand better . Kfm ... immune stun on counter Blade dancer spins >kfm uses counter >Kfm is stunned what is expected to happen after reading tooltip Blade dancer spins >kfm counters > kfm resist stun So question is ... IS the tooltip wrong ?what is the normal interaction between those skills ? You have the answer ? plz share . You don t ? then feel free to move to another post .
  4. What does an ability's interaction with another has to do with balance ? What does that have to do with practice ?
  5. Did you read my post before posting ?
  6. As a kfm i skill my counter for the 2 sec immune to stun and daze and yet when i counter a blade dancer s spin i get stuned . Bug or am i missing something ?
  7. They usually open with a stun that i cant avoid ... they dash and it pierces my counter ( i checked their skills and i dont see any spell that does that and yet i see it every game ) That means that i start each round with 80% hp and that is if they fail the tech chasse in that case i m at 60% or lower before even starting to fight . How do i prevent that ?
  8. Yup i dont think it was an hack i ve been thinking that maybe somekind of glitch like when a destro red spins but you dont see him spinning only the flames around him . But this is more annoying because that makes me waste cooldowns or even kill myself by jumping on an immune target.
  9. The kfm was standing still and for the destro my character did the full animation of the launcher . Dont have a video and i cant tell if it s latency because i still land my full 3rf combo ...i dont think i would be able to hit those with high latency .
  10. The kfm didnt counter .. i run that counter too vs kfm ... and he wasnt in an iframe (there is a psecific sound when you hit an iframe ) The destro had no aura .
  11. ahhhhhhhh **** it i m done

    Blade dancer and destroyer
  12. ahhhhhhhh **** it i m done

    Now there is somethign i only saw 1 summoner do against kfm .. and i only played against taht guy today . I ve been thinking about it for weeks while i dotn even play summoner and yet its only today that i played against a summoner that sued his brain . The easy max agility against summoner is NOT meant to be ... thats just because most summoners just randomly press buttons and expect shit to happen . Now let me tell you how i saw that match up weeks ago and how i think its meant to be played by the summoner . Start of the match you send your cat now if the kfm uses e or q you taunt with the cat. Now if the kfm got his triple kick he will have to use his rbm ... press counter and move away now as a kfm you re pretty much *cricket*ed in therms of getting to the summoner . You have your tripple kick up but you are not in range of the summoner . Now if the kfm opens with a penta slash ... just eat it and way i see so many summoners breack that . Eat the cc and taunt with your cat and w8 for the stun . Once the stun hits you call back your cat with his knockdown ... rinse and repeat . The match up is simple if the kfm goes on you you use taunt so your cat doesn't come near you and you w8 for a stun before calling him back . The kfm cant deal damage without blowing cooldowns and he wont blow cool downs unless the tab is down or to cc both the cat and the summoner . Once the summoner understand that he doesnt need his cats damage to win he gets the edge . Yup kfm vs assassin is a fair match up ... and ask force masters if they think that their match up against kfm is fair ... lol
  13. ahhhhhhhh **** it i m done

    Ok summoner is easier to learn but i play my kfm since release ...thats like 2 months . If i can do better on a summoner in less than a week then maybe the problem is not a "l2p" issue right ? or am i wrong ? Playing summoner will put me on the other side of the receiving hand of the targeting system . WHat is your point about summoner ? so playing summoner and getting in the top 3000 players doesn t make me competent at pvp ?
  14. ahhhhhhhh **** it i m done

    Well its simple because if you say it s a "learn to play issue " then i shouldn t be able to do better on a champ i would have played for a couple of days . If i do then the "l2p" doesnt stand .