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  1. I also wouldn't quote me but I think it's free in jp, tw, kr (but the game seems to be p2p there), and cn is the outlier who charges for the wardrobe.
  2. This is exactly it. I currently have premium and it definitely feels like I'm being ripped off. I'm reluctant to even buy outfits because the benefits to keep me subbed aren't there and I'll be backed into a corner for inventory space if I purchase outfits and don't stay subbed. I'm just trying to finish leveling all the characters I want before my sub expires and I won't be purchasing premium again until they want me to.
  3. I didn't quit yet. I'm just taking a "break" to play black desert while this game irons out it's ever growing list of issues. After trying the beta, I feel pretty confident in my ability to enjoy BDO's grind over BnS' daily grind and that means the world if both games are marred with their own technical issues (lag, shop issues, bugs, etc). Even looking past the grind, BDO has more entertaining menial tasks (fishing, horse breeding, etc.) which I enjoy on top of a gigantic non-linear world to explore. Problem is, while it's open world PvP sounds more in line with my kind thinking, I can probab
  4. I'd say give it a couple months until they have to reconsider revamping the premium benefits entirely. Most of the benefits currently apply primarily to leveling (decreased windwalk cd, increased xp/gold etc.) and most of those will become irrelevant once the player base gets into a decent position with their characters. I consider premium worthless outside of wardrobe access and I don't even consider wardrobe access an acceptable premium benefit. Once my 3 months is up that's that.
  5. While those are issues, I doubt that'll be the reason people won't renew their premium. I'd sooner blame it on poor benefits (if you're not leveling characters) and the best benefit being pretty much required if you wish to make cosmetic purchases in the store. It's all around just meh and I got two months left of it.
  6. That lyn's facial features in the 3rd picture only account for like 40% of her face. That's more creepy than adorable if you ask me. I wouldn't call #1 adorable but it's the one I'd go with.
  7. It doesn't take breasts to make a woman (infact I wish I could make my Jin's/gon's/yun's bust smaller since some of my female characters are sporty, fit, or young), but I rule Lyn out automatically because their proportions are all out of whack. Naturally big heads, thin necks, slender shoulders, uncontrollable chest proportions, and their animal legs has them always appearing awkward to me. I have a rough enough time making a Lyn look decent let alone sexy and sexy isn't really an option when they start looking like Christmas trees if you try to make them larger. Thanks to this, I
  8. Allow us to throw ears onto the Jin so we can be the Lycani and watch the Lyn population DIE.
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