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  1. Your customers want an explanation

    lol @Radinferno Why would I complain about a friends list limit when I haven't encountered that problem? Are you saying that one exists in Blade and Soul? Any reasonable person will admit that chat is effectively unusable, and people want a solution to that. If you want to argue that the block list limit or the chat system in its current state is running appropriately, then I have no argument to offer. We have differing opinions. I'm not going to argue the whole f2p/p2p aspect of the situation either. I'm paying for my access. This post represents my expectations for a functioning, not frustrating, chat system, as a paying customer.
  2. Your customers want an explanation

    Sure, they appear to be taking action if we simply read it at face value. However, we all know this solution will do nothing in the end to solve the issue. So why won't they increase, or remove, the block list limit? They could do that instead of this pointless level 10-chat 'solution.' @Radinferno That's part of being a company offering a service. Having the data storage to give us the service we're paying for is part of their job.
  3. Your customers want an explanation

    That is not going to help. These gold spammers probably have multiple computers that are running bot programs to level up. Not to mention the accounts are free, which means unlimited. This 'feature' will stop the gold spam for maybe the first hour or two after the patch goes live. Then once they have a new routine of botting to level 10 to begin their spam, it will begin all over again.
  4. Your customers want an explanation

    Removing the limit = increasing the limit beyond 50, don't stress over the wording so much. I'd rather have a block list with no limit as well.
  5. gold spammers

    Could you share their statement, Ghrim?
  6. Why are you refusing to increase the block list limit beyond 50? As a company providing a service, you are failing to meet our expectations. You have made promises to deal with the gold spammers and are failing to meet those as well. If your programmers are just too incompetent, at least own up to it. Have some integrity. If there is another reason, explain it to us. We deserve an explanation as to why your company is failing to give us what we want. Nobody expects the impossible from your company. You can't resolve gold spamming permanently, fine, at least give us the tools to ignore them as we please.