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  1. Don't forget to mention ping. Not everyone will get good numbers. 200+ ms in Cali and I played since CN open beta.
  2. yo what's up with this? I can confirm my daily dash not working as well.
  3. Just wondering if our current experience charms can be used on levels 51+ when the 55 patch hits. Trying to hoard for gunner, but if it can only be used on just level 50 then it might not be that useful.
  4. I am DYING to know what the 6th and up milestone rewards are. Guesses anyone?
  5. Or perhaps not remove them and just remove all drops from them. Same with blackwyrm.
  6. You may not be able to tell if you didn't read Bethy's post, the one you copied and pasted, but I believe the team is doing their hardest to give us players the best experince. That's why they made the decision to do something about it. Based on previous complaints they finally went with something else. Now if there is a problem with this one simply report it to them and Nico will have to sleep under his desk again. x_x rip in peaces nico
  7. I'll do it. With pleasure...
  8. I wish this worked the same way for casinos...
  9. Am I weird to be enjoying this XML fiasco? :3 I literally have popcorn with me.
  10. In the wiki a sentence says "Treasure Trove for Spring 2017 started on May 5th, 2017"
  11. Omg I completely forgot about that! Dat business class and kill bill costume wasn't it? NC has been sneaky sneaky.
  12. Any place to check out ALL the pets ever released in any region?
  13. Did everyone who subbed got the gift or is it coming out in waves?
  14. Whoa. Dat side boob on the red outfit. Proposition: release the "mature version" along with the already "friendly version" and quadruple the price. Make it low key as part of the "secrets" of the stratus. There will be a hidden tab somewhere in the store. Hey, ya know what? Remember when the female lyns have 2 versions of the swimsuit outfit??
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