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  1. People playing with 180 Ms + and no complaing, and a guys up there saying its unplayable , please just PLEASE
  2. It is not safe, the program detects the VPN service as a Hack and ban you. But! u can contact a supporter to unban you if this will happen so make sure to make some screenshots how you are using it could make your unban process faster. So its basicly not safe being safe, wierd i know. But the Mod said they will look in to it.
  3. oh right im using it right now too ! thanks god its working again lets hope it stays like this !
  4. on my game it usually started to lag spike and then crashed, right now it didnt crash. But i only got the 20min version.
  5. Well u cant say it like that. The bug was just realeased today, we have to give them 2 or 3 days to tell us whats the problem after that, u can say it :D But like people talk about NCSoft seems to be they wont change anything, they only will if alot of people start talking about that issue.
  6. thats one part, ofc. but i would just like to play PVE already got a good gear and all that stuff. i dont play it for PvP later in the days i maybe will change to NA ( living) and thats why i play on NA , we peeps that use that programs already got the feeling for a 140-180 ping, but 280 is too much for us and yea, thats why we create this threads. Actually we did this thread cause before todays patch everything was fine. and now it isnt anymore, and knowing that it was fine is knowing that it could turn back being fine ...
  7. im not talking about WTFast im talking about loweing ping programs. and of course on EU and NA there are ALOT of people, basicly the whole Latin america uses llowering ping programs, and just by the chat INGAME u can see how much peoples from Latin america play this game. And OCE players too!
  8. minimal ? HAWHAWHAW i would say 50% of all peoples play this game with a lowering ping programm, but their to lazy to get to the forums or they just cant find the right threads with their problem... Im already in contact with WTFast :)
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