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  1. Unlucky, on my server they are selling for 8-9 silver each on the market never going to buy them from the vendor unless they cost more then the vendor.
  2. Preview Server maybe ?

    This is true and that is exactly why i don't want to play on a different those servers. Still would be nice to have a test server though.
  3. Preview Server maybe ?

    So i was wondering is there or will there be a Preview server later down the line. I know it might be silly because most of the content is locked atm and releasing it slowly to us so we don't blow through all the content at once and be bored. But being able to play test the new content before it's out would be cool too. ( if this is a repeat thread please merge i searched and couldn't find anything about the subject )
  4. Its upppppppppppppppppp

    Nice this is the most useful post ever....
  5. So there are a few ways to check ping and some involve downloading programs and what not but i will show you an easy way to check your ping First off your going to open your file explorer eg. opening a folder of any kind and on the top left corner there should be an option that said Organise Open that up and choose File and Search Options. ( on Windows 10 choose the View tab and on the far right clock options ) On this tab at the top click View, Scroll down a bit and find Hide Extensions for known file types. Make sure this is unchecked then apply and ok. You can always turn this off if need be later on. Second right click your desktop goto new > Text Document. You want to rename this file something like Ping.bat, Keep in mind that .bat at the end is important Third you want to right click the file and choose Edit. After the file is open you want to type this Ping pause The IP will change depending on your server for me it's IP Soha EU IP Mushin NA After that is done save the file and close it. Your now done just open the file and a CMD will open up and tell you your ping. If you have troubles opening the file for whatever reason just run it as Administrator and that should fix your problems.
  6. Idea to remove Gold Sellers?

    i know this isn't the solution however it will ease the effect of gold spammers for people at max level.
  7. Idea to remove Gold Sellers?

    What there should be is a level area at witch you can hear players, like only players within 30 lvs of your current can be heard.(eg. A lvl45 player would only be able to hear other players in chat that are lv15 or higher.)
  8. Server down or crashed ?

    Nop im logged in just fine. Only issue i have is selling things to a vendor and buying items off the Marketplace they not working atm.