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  1. Quest Log Mess

    Is there a way that I'm just not seeing to have just maybe one or two quests be in the quest log instead of all quests that you have? Cause it's horribly messy and annoying to sort through every quest I have (bunch of dailies and faction stuff) on my screen. It wasn't really a problem leveling, but now it is and it's cluttering up my screen real hard making me antsy because I like to prioritize which quest I'm going to do by only showing that one or two or however many for a certain map/area.
  2. Quest Log Mess

    How, if I may ask? Apart from abandoning them, I don't see how (or I'm just slow). Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggg, okay thanks. Sorry for dumb question lol.
  3. Quest Log Mess

    How, if I may ask? Apart from abandoning them, I don't see how (or I'm just slow).
  4. Game is not loading.

    I just tried this and after 7 tries I got in too lol.
  5. Question to Blade Dancers

    Other blade dancers are super easy for me. Forcemasters are kinda 50/50, assassins are easy, blademasters are kinda 50/50 to kinda easy (though I haven't fought many of them), summoners completely murderize me right now (getting better each time I fight one), kungfu masters are a very very close 50/50, destroyers are kinda easy-ish. It seems though the best strategy for me is being so aggressive that they don't have much time to react and/or they start panicking. I try not to give time to counter me and attack so aggressively that some of the people I've gone up against literally just stop trying (like they just stand there after awhile lol).
  6. Game crashing after start up

    Oh thank god it's not just me. I like, updated everything and cleared cache files and stuff. Thought something was wrong on my end lol.
  7. Infinite Challenge Costume

    Oh wow, and here I almost threw out my Infinite Challenge outfit lol. I got it on the second run and wasn't impressed by it at all. I was only doing dreadtide for the shield and the accessories (don't know if I may need them, but it's good to have them just in case right?). Why doesn't everyone want it so badly?
  8. I try to whisper people on my friend list and their name or whatever is green and says they are online. But when I go to whisper them, it says they aren't online. And no they aren't in the cross servers. Sometimes they are literally in the same area as me, but I still can't whisper them. Is this some bug or is there something I don't know yet?
  9. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Yeah... the bot spammers have rendered Faction chat pretty much unusable. I don't even have it tabbed anymore. So much spam going on. I block/report about 5-10, and like clockwork, 5 more take their place in the span of literally 1minute. It's insanely ridiculous. I have never seen bot spammers go this wild. Do what Aion does, if you spam chat you get a temporary chat ban or something.
  10. Brazilians becoming a bit of an issue?

    Am I like the only person that doesn't have a problem with Brazilians or other languages? I start picking up on other languages just so I'd have more people to work with and it fosters more friendships. I at least will try to learn the basics. A lot of you just sound so entitled.