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  1. Hello all, I've seen a lot of threads specific to an artist or art trades, etc... But I didn't see any thread dedicated to fan art/character art in general. I don't sketch frequently, so I don't want to start a whole thread just for my fanart. As such, I decided to make a general thread instead. Feel free to post pictures you've drawn of your characters! ^__^ Here is a sketch of my Lyn Force Master. Nothing fancy, just felt like sketching something during server downtime a while ago.
  2. Show off your characters!!

    Helping my friend level her Warlock (the Jin male in the picture): And just a picture that I thought had nice lighting/background:
  3. Show off your characters!!

    Made a bit more progress on my Warlock yesterday. Ended up going back t Foshi Pyres to get the Stalker hat and adornment because I thought they'd suit my character's current look:
  4. I sent some silver (yeah, nothing huge) to my Warlock last night not knowing that sending stuff to alts was one of the reasons all these bans were happening. -__- I certainly hope I won't be banned over such a small amount.
  5. Show off your characters!!

    A couple pictures of my Warlock with her current look:
  6. Spamming F/Y key through quest texts

    I noticed the delay as well. I thought it was just on my end. It's a bit annoying, but oh well.

    I posted a picture of my Warlock before... but here's another of her with the preset I made for my friend:
  8. Show off your characters!!

    My FM who I'll be getting to 45, along with my Warlock (Jin female):

    My Warlock preset has changed quite a bit. She is now a Jin (instead of a Lyn):
  10. Pinchy is the worst Field Boss.

    Good to know. Hadn't actually fought Pinchy much before yesterday (maybe twice for the daily), and I'd never noticed him resisting bombs before. Sure doesn't make farming him any fun, though.
  11. Pinchy is the worst Field Boss.

    This kept happening when my friend and I decided to try farming him for a bit before moving onto something else. Sometimes I'd aim right over his dust cloud and nothing... And sometimes when we kept "missing," he eventually popped out of the ground anyways. o.o Was so weird and glitch-y. Edit: Also, you can get at least as much as three essences from beating him. I got between 2-3 per fight, while my friend only got 1 each time(she is lower level than me).
  12. Show off your characters!!

    I've got my Warlock preset ready to go, as well.
  13. The Yun thread

    I need some updated pictures of my Yun KFM, but here's some for now:
  14. Just unlock the Warlock already

    If it's due to business reasons it may be completely out of their hands. They are likely following a pre-determined patch schedule given to them by the big guys. (I can see why, as releasing it at a later date will pull in a new wave of players. Whether that is fair to current players or not... *shrugs* Up to the individual to decide.) Also, to whoever said they want to play Warlock because it'll be OP on release... The adjusted version will be releasing on NA/EU. They'll probably wreck in PvP for awhile because people won't know how to handle them, though. I foresee complaint threads. :P I do plan to roll a Warlock when it comes out, but I still have a lot of other classes to level (I like alts).
  15. Show off your characters!!

    Just wanted to show off various looks for my characters~~~
  16. Show off your characters!!

    Now that you mention it... I can totally see it.
  17. Show off your characters!!

    I tried to make Mika from Seraph of the End (I don't usually try to recreate anime characters, but I figured "Why not?"): And a cute/silly picture of my Summoner while he was serving food:
  18. Obiligatory Lyn Male Lover's Show Off Thread.

    Lol... Well, I made him girly on purpose, so I guess I did a good job? :P
  19. Obiligatory Lyn Male Lover's Show Off Thread.

    Haha, thanks. :) Lyns are my favourite in terms of aesthetics (although I also like the Yun a lot). I also have a female Lyn Force Master. Your Lyn is cute btw. I especially like that you didn't make him super short (I dislike ultra short Lyn).
  20. Obiligatory Lyn Male Lover's Show Off Thread.

    My two male Lyn: (Click for larger image)
  21. I didn't end up checking this thread again until now, but I have to say... So much pretty artwork! Keep it up everyone. I love seeing all your different styles. I will likely have some more stuff to post in the near future~ :3
  22. We Need A Barbershop

    Yes! Just make it similar to the cat customization that is already available in-game (available in the same towns, costs x amount of silver). In FFXIV, I would change my character's hair daily. I loved that it was something I could do so easily. That being said, I'm not sure I see NCsoft doing this. They sure love their $$$.
  23. New RNG Box in Shop!

    RNG boxes are always terrible. I hope enough people "speak with their wallets," so that we don't get many of these in the future... I'm just glad the costume in question isn't one I was interested in.
  24. Show off your characters!!

    I'm posting yet again... >__< I got the Beast Hunter outfit for my Yun KFM. And a couple of my Assassin: