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  1. I have to agree with this guy there really isn't a reason to do multiplayer in this game, and the mindless killing of mobs stabs my attention span.
  2. You obviously don't know what the word Grind...means. We didn't say gearing, we said grinding as in leveling. Vindictus is easier when it comes to grinding harder when it comes to gearing. Vindictus is one of the games where you may need to replay a dungeon based quest once or twice to level however doing all the subquests keeps it from being a back and forth thing. Blade and Soul have you killing a bunch of useless random mobs that have no place in the game's structure for no reason. Then killing the mobs is such a pain with KFM compared to ranged classes like force master. Vindic
  3. Your opinion not everyone else btw welcome to RPG Character Creation Storylines newbie. :P
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