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  1. This is not a multiplayer game

    I have to agree with this guy there really isn't a reason to do multiplayer in this game, and the mindless killing of mobs stabs my attention span.
  2. Grind complaints...whuh??

    You obviously don't know what the word Grind...means. We didn't say gearing, we said grinding as in leveling. Vindictus is easier when it comes to grinding harder when it comes to gearing. Vindictus is one of the games where you may need to replay a dungeon based quest once or twice to level however doing all the subquests keeps it from being a back and forth thing. Blade and Soul have you killing a bunch of useless random mobs that have no place in the game's structure for no reason. Then killing the mobs is such a pain with KFM compared to ranged classes like force master. Vindictus has a boss for almost every mission 95% of their missions which keeps it interesting, Blade and Soul's mindless wildlife slaughter is barely compelling or rewarding at that since mob xp is pretty much useless. So I'd say even though Vindictus is a semi-broken game its better than the mindless progression this game sorely lacks in maintaining.
  3. LF>Crimson Legion Active Clan

    Sounds interesting I'll apply because I'm kinda bored of playing alone all the time, that boredom has caused me to make multiple characters before I level one.
  4. LF>Crimson Legion Active Clan

    Doesn't have to be too big but must meet these requirements: - Has more than a few players - Friendly - Speaks mostly english - Doesn't mind if I make Innuendos
  5. But I am really tired of crashing 3 - 8 times a day in this game I swear its so so so frustrating especially when you are in a party with friends and you are leveling together it really really puts me in a bad mood. I swear though after like that 5th time I'm done for the day, I'm a patient person but Jesus Christ this is the opposite of relieving stress.
  6. Kaze - Crimson Legion - LvL 45 PvE

    IGN: Sable VI With space. Looking for Dungeon Clan, leveling my character to 45 atm. Class is a Kun, Force Master, Female. Sexy beast.
  7. Gender Change Ticket, will be a thing?

    What does that mean you are indecisive? I'm pretty sure your gender has nothing to do with this. Just saying you messed up and made the wrong gender, so why would they waste time fixing your gender when you don't want to recreate because you spent time leveling a character you don't want. Makes no sense to me.
  8. Gender Change Ticket, will be a thing?

    Um. Quick question why would you make a character the opposite gender of your interest? It sounds stupid its one of the most important visual choices in any game, that sounds like a personal mistake and I'd rather not even bother having the team waste their time while there are dozens of other issues at hand.
  9. Game won't start?

    Thanks for that Gameguard file folder I just replaced everything it works now of course I still disconnect from the servers but who can help that?
  10. Game won't start?

    Man just the ignorance everywhere with these companies. Thanks Elven I'll give it a try and even if it doesn't work thanks for helping.
  11. Game won't start?

    Not approved yet we have forced updates that screw up the game when it works perfectly fine. Trust me when I say we will see way more of this. WAY MORE and the sad thing is we can't do a damned thing about it.
  12. Game won't start?

    TBH I shouldn't have to deal with this, if its one thing I hate its when companies release forced updates that screw up your stuff that worked perfectly fine.
  13. Game won't start?

    Honestly I wouldn't know anyone with the game. So its a gameguard error....
  14. Game won't start?

    *sigh* You have to be joking it was working fine last night! Wow this...this is absolute garbage.
  15. Game won't start?

    It worked last night but now the game won't start. So......yeah that's about all the information I have. Help maybe? No. Yes? No?