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  1. I think it's stupid that the community can't PUBLICLY announce who the hackers are. Bots, I won't even include them in this because there are too many. The stupid anti-defamation rule is stupid. As long as there's proof i.e. screenshot of masterlooting (not hacking, but still a d*ck move and should be named and shamed imo), video of speed and teleportation hacks, I think it's proof enough. Why I think it's a good thing: since you can look up the alts of an IGN, you can block the person, or be cautious at least and never party with them. Moreover, that can get MANY people to report them to have them banned. Bots are too many. Hackers are fewer. Resolve the hacking issues first. Why YOU think is a bad idea: it causes bullying and they won't have friends to play with because no one would like them :c Ok. Them hacking is not bullying? What if you're doing faction quests and 2-3 speed hackers just rekt your group? They can run, heal, come back easier. The idea not really far fetched, either. Suggestion: Have a pinned wall of shame. People can post pics and videos of the incidents, and the forum mod(s) can review them, delete the "wrong accusation" posts from the thread to keep it clean, and if there's enough evidence, NAME AND SHAME.
  2. Can't say for you since you play Tera.
  4. Temptation Costume Questions

    Outfit is to all 10 (and below) that reaches 45 during the event. So, x4 toons? x4 costumes. Characters 45 before the event would not. The English is pretty clear.
  5. login failed?

    I'm in game o.0
  6. Where you capture the 3 ploggles with Soul Shackle (2), hit with Imprison (3) and use Dragoncall (4). I've been spamming the skills in that order, but the quest WOULD NOT COMPLETE. What to do? I think it's because the HP of the ploggles reach zero (they don't die as it's training) before I could complete the combo. Help.
  7. *cries in a corner* Should I come back to Bamboo Village later? Or Just change later?
  8. GOLD DM in Forum

    They are evolving.
  9. Name Change

    No, it's a 24 hour lock now. Read patch notes. System Names are now locked out for 24 hours upon using a Name Change Voucher.
  10. Radiant Ring Issues Still No fix!

    Thank you, @dascorp for the answer. I can join the crafting guild now, without worry.
  11. Radiant Ring Issues Still No fix!

    Wait, what's the issue? Sorry, I'm not in that crafting guild and was going to get an alt into it to get gems.
  12. I understand what OP means, but it isn't pay to win. Pay2Win is when you can buy it DIRECTLY from Cash Shop. Selling NCoin isn't Pay2Win. It's....well. Credit Card hero. I know P2W people use their credit cards too but, idk, I like to think it's slightly different. Selling NCoin is more like Pay4Convenience? Pay2GitGud? Because the Skillbook is available in game, not cashshop. Therefore, you're not PAYING NCsoft, directly. The Gold you buy with NCoin has to come from the game ONLY (from other people's farming). TL;DR: NCSoft isn't selling Skillbook, not pay2win, it's pay2GitGud.