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  1. I understand what OP means, but it isn't pay to win. Pay2Win is when you can buy it DIRECTLY from Cash Shop. Selling NCoin isn't Pay2Win. It's....well. Credit Card hero. I know P2W people use their credit cards too but, idk, I like to think it's slightly different. Selling NCoin is more like Pay4Convenience? Pay2GitGud? Because the Skillbook is available in game, not cashshop. Therefore, you're not PAYING NCsoft, directly. The Gold you buy with NCoin has to come from the game ONLY (from other people's farming). TL;DR: NCSoft isn't selling Skillbook, not pay2win, it's p
  2. Nah, just wanted to add salt to the wound of an Oceanic server being a silly idea.
  3. Singapore. Why? Singapore is the best SEA country, in terms of standards of living, economy, etc etc. Small country though, so it could be a problem.
  4. Just saying. SEA total population: approx 618,000,000 Oceanian total population: approx 39,771,060 Hmmm.
  5. Stop spamming this. There's already a thread about the petition.
  6. I was waiting for a thread like this. LOL. @SuperSenpai, are you a Tera player, by any chance?
  7. Look at all these F2P babies crying over nothing.
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