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  1. [Update] Raid Sizes in Dark Origins

    12-man is always good for performance and managing the raids, specially in game like BnS with poor optimization
  2. it is on 72% for past few days seems odd to me
  3. Evolved Stone Availability

    thats not reliable if not 100% chance :)
  4. honestly after this chest im not going to touch any RNG boxes again, the drop rate is just pure garbage even the thing i really wanted from it is impossible to get(outfit) i have the same bad luck with Icy chest no outfit no matter how many i open also with rough customer i loved that outfit and wasnt able to get it as well ! it is just keep getting more frustrating with time!
  5. Add sure-fire way for outfits in RNG Box

    they should make them saleable or something, i never had any luck with outfits even this one i cant get it
  6. Mistake, or Intentional?

    here you go
  7. Weapon Skin "wardrobe"

    From where did you get this information ?
  8. Login server down? EU

    Greetings, i have been facing problem with a game that im playing since 10 months and suddenly last week it stop working I have contacted the support team in Etisalat but none helped me until i reach to a supervisor and he told me to send a message to you so you can investigate the problem which is the port number 6600 is blocked for some reason and i need it to get unblocked so i can use the program again (game), also before i contact Etisalat support i have made sure the problem is not from the game side at all, so i have checked the port with some sites and apps and all says it is blocked and contact the game support and they told me that my ISP blocked that port which is needed to be open to use the game, meanwhile i hope u unblock the port since the game has nothing to do with legal issues or terms of etisalat here the port 6600 is closed here is the official forum of the game where everyone from uae facing the same problem here is the error im getting i cant even pass the login thank you and hope you get to me asap, send this to
  9. Login server down? EU

    well, im not sure its from NC side yet because i tried to login in TW bns gave me the same error
  10. Login server down? EU
  11. Login server down? EU

    Settings Try this ,I been digging some and some ppls got it work.Good Luck :) i have same problem i tired it didnt work for me !
  12. maybe it will but im not sure tho