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  1. 12-man is always good for performance and managing the raids, specially in game like BnS with poor optimization
  2. thats not reliable if not 100% chance :)
  3. honestly after this chest im not going to touch any RNG boxes again, the drop rate is just pure garbage even the thing i really wanted from it is impossible to get(outfit) i have the same bad luck with Icy chest no outfit no matter how many i open also with rough customer i loved that outfit and wasnt able to get it as well ! it is just keep getting more frustrating with time!
  4. they should make them saleable or something, i never had any luck with outfits even this one i cant get it
  5. From where did you get this information ?
  6. Greetings, i have been facing problem with a game that im playing since 10 months and suddenly last week it stop working I have contacted the support team in Etisalat but none helped me until i reach to a supervisor and he told me to send a message to you so you can investigate the problem which is the port number 6600 is blocked for some reason and i need it to get unblocked so i can use the program again (game), also before i contact Etisalat support i have made sure the problem is not from the game side at all, so i have checked the port with some sites and apps and all says it is blocked a
  7. well, im not sure its from NC side yet because i tried to login in TW bns gave me the same error
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/5aj4oq/since_when_does_uae_fall_under_russia/?st=iuzjsz78&sh=853f1b1e
  9. Settings Try this ,I been digging some and some ppls got it work.Good Luck :) i have same problem i tired it didnt work for me !
  10. im playing from uae but keep getting DC's
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