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  1. New Blade & soul Server host ?

    siri, translate please
  2. Show off your characters!!

    Update again on my Char /with Red Dwarf outift! (lucky first transmute lol)
  3. idk why this topic gets not addressed it has come up now several times and ncsoft just doesnt answer. the same with the last second loot rules change in x-realm group finder dungeons. either they dont give a *cricket* or they try to come up with something in the near future
  4. Show off your characters!!

    update on my char
  5. the code for that is already in place because you get a chest drop after you cleared it^^
  6. RNGesus loves me.

    welcome to asian mmorpg´s grindfests ², i wont tell how the grind gets even harder after the expansion where you hit lvl50, one word"legendary weapon" google yourself and be prepared for massive rage
  7. sure and why not just start the search function after one player left the grp automatically, i mean cmon its 2016 this has be done many times in other games
  8. why not remove the partyleader in random grp finder?
  9. yes answer pls ncsoft kkthxbye
  10. btw you say they cost the same? gtx980 is like 550€ and a 390 is 360€ if you talk about a 390x its still way cheaper with 440€
  11. than buy the cheapest of both they are both the same on 1080p
  12. amd for 4k gaming, end of story, ezpz
  13. Soul Shield Stats always the same?

    no there can be other stats on them atleast for the high lvl ones afaik, low lvls idk