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  1. Crash/Disconnect in Chapter 2

    This is the nc$oft optimisation ! they do not give a .... about players etc. they want your money and that's it. For the game from 2011 that is build on 2009 engine you just need nasa computer to play. Wish that bots and bad support will destroy this game fast.
  2. Stop this relentless spawn-kill bashing

    If you are wearing faction outfit deal with it that you will be killed even at respawn zone. Level etc does not matter. This is war and on war you can not cry for some immunity etc. You can also stop doing faction quests it will solve your problem.
  3. Destroyer vs force master vs kung fu

    All classes are good in pvp. FM and Summoner are 1 tier pve classes. Warlock, KFM and BM are 2 tier ( they can tank or give buffs but worse than 1 tier classes, still is good to have one of that classes in a pt ) Sin is fun on mass pvp and arena trolling ( perma stealth etc ), Summoner is best class to solo pve content and easy to master also is less ping dependant then some other classes.
  4. With new Silver Frost have a class balance?

    Fm should get a nerf. This class is waaaay to easy espec in pvp, many stuns, freeze, escapes etc... Summoner should get a slight buff and rest of the classes are gud.
  5. Silverfrost = So how about those who are behind?

    Should be 2 weeks max. In one week ( maybe 10 days if i will be lazy ) from now on i will have all gear maxed out and what should i do ? buying outfits for gold ? ;( And they are players that maxed chars like few weeks ago all bored. Patch should be applied ASAP
  6. Where does the Pirate upgrade weapon drop?

    From BSH 4 / 6 ( box or weapon from the last boss ) or you can buy pirate weapon for 45 pirate tokens from npc
  7. People asking for 400+ AP for NLAB WTF ?

    Elitist player here ( 450 ap in max 2 days ) I have group of few other ppl that are MAX geared and exp players ( acc, weps, soul shields etc... you name it they have it ) and yes doing lab in this kind of pt is just EASY :D like you have cheat mode but.... What about randoms ? Any of you that hate the 400+ req must know that with random ppl nothing is certain and you need some measurement. You do not know if ppl are exp or not, communication is lacking ( no voice chat ) etc. If i see 420 +( crit rate etc is also important to me ) i can assume that ppl know what to do and run will go smoothly but with randoms 360 ap + ? with bad crit etc no way i will waste my time. Solution is simple, make friends or clan that will help you. If you cant then this game is not for you. Dungeons on level 50 will not be easier and req will go up. Good luck doing it with unskilled, ungeared and often rude randoms from cross server. Peace and chill
  8. I got 3 ornaments in 5 days doing only 1 full run on mushin daily ( 1 from hado, 2 from mushin second clones ) But it is just RNG. Excluding luck i think it is worth to do 1 run daily ( fast and it gives you some gold + you need warrior tokens anyway )
  9. You have a chance to get the ornament from floor 7 ( hado ) and floor 8. Record for my friend was 2 ornaments on 1 run ( first from hado and second from mushin 8.2 )
  10. If you have job then you should just throw $$$ and stop complaining or just quit. I hate casuals that want to play 1 or 2 h daily and want to have everything. I spend $$ on this game + have time to play and i do not have reasons to complain but as i say this game is not for casuals unless... you want to spend entire game with awakaned profane ;) One more thing about daily quests. Daily quests except of maybe mushin and faction ( which can be done quickly + mushin can give you ornament ) are waste of time. it can take more than a hour to do all BSH 24 for 3 gold ? I can make nearly 10 gold in 1 hour just grinding tears.
  11. Geared 45 level player can farm up to 40 + gold a day - to be geared player you need to play like 8 h day without breaks or invest lots and lots of real money in rng boxes etc and even then you need play time like 2 / 3 h a day. Or you can be hardcore pvp pro but system is the same. Upgrading in this game is very expensive and it will be only worse on level 50. This game is not for casuals that play 1 or 2 h a day and like to hang out near pigsty or do 2 pvp daily. Welcome to korean mmo grind feast at its finnest were only strong will survive ; ) Peace and chill
  12. Guys i have a question. What will happen when i will have awakened pirate and content level 50 hits ? Can i upgrade this to true pirate and to breeze or not ?
  13. Punishment for Undergear and Delaying Players

    1. If looking for pt in cross server dungeon with random ppl you either create room with req like 400,410 ap or whateva, or just deal with pt you will get. 2. Elitism in this game is like cancer. 3. Dungeons are easy. Lab and BSH 6 ( even BSH 4 if ppl have atleast half a brain ) are easy doable with 360 + ap
  14. Punishment for Undergear and Delaying Players

    Wuuuuut ?! :D Dude i am doing like 2/3 runs on lab 6 daily with my mates, often in 5 ppl and we kill raijin and fuujin like 2,5 min max ? :D This must be some kind of madnessssss ? :D
  15. Punishment for Undergear and Delaying Players

    Hahahahh ! Waiiit what ? i have 405 attack, 55% crit, 200 % crit dmg and 15% pierce + 51k hp ( summoner with true siren ) aaaaand you tell me that i need true pirate for bsh 4 or lab 6 ? oh my god you must be trolling or very special kind of person ( s$$$$$ ) peace and chill :D