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  1. Oh guys you totaly dont understand this game before 55 patch people can have crap SS and fuse only 254 crit to have 60+% crit chance and nice stat and cause accuracy was enough you just simply ignore your SS and go on now magic happends you actualy need to look at your crap SS and farm better stats and fuse them all max crit not only 254 or something. Example without anything depends on class you have 20% crit (1399) on my WL so you start adding eq assuming oath neck thats 1k crit + bracelet is 420 crit + your maxed BT SS whats tbh normal to have these days is 5336 crit with perfect stats
  2. First of all what about dont bother your weapon and increase your stats by buying gems ? These days they are pretty easy to get so and you missing 40 ap only if you manage gems + swap uselles blue gem for Aquamarine. Then you can be almost 900 AP what is good start to farm leggendary neck + belt and when you farm enough Hard modes and even without daily quest for killing last boss you have chance to get elysian orb (easy money or save for transmute ) and you can buy or craft premium. So you make money + famr useful mats together. And 6.th December event can help you with your pet so you can ge
  3. You know in KR you get like stage 6-7 legendary only from story quest right bdw? But ye you cant have everything daily chest are only to keeep people in dungeons and do some daily othervise everyone will do only Desolate / Ebondrake / Naryu Foundry cause there actualy something drops . So its ok how that reward work right now. Or they can make Daily Bonus like in KR you geting every day different upgrade material for upgrading your legendery weapon etc etc.
  4. Ok let me introduce to you you ultimate gold and mats easy farm : Do daily save Heavenly Orbs (blue daily orbs) - try to find nice 5 people if you have around 500 AP or 3 players when you are 550+ and spam Glomdross (veeeeeery easy dung) you can do it in 10-15 mins depends on setup and share seeds and stingers if you go 4 man you can even be more efficient when Offal drops around 800g thats a huge profit . example : Yesterday we 3 man Glomdross (we are already on 600+AP without spending any money except one month premium ) after 22 runs we have enough mats f
  5. And tbh moonwater transmo stones dont need any SS now so its very easy to make 10 stones daily .
  6. Guys you must be dumb when i read this ... Every day someone complain about this and Cry Cry Cry omg step up and dont complain here go in game and play it if you cant play it cause you choose Asian MMO where hard grind and stereotype is normal you are on wrong game . If you are prepared for that in your mind start playing and stop crying. Its your fault you can have more AP and its your fault you need to grind more then week for one accesory. Me and 2 friends of mine we are playing average 4h per day 630 AP no money except one month of premium for try not worth. So dont start your P2W thing. P
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