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  1. Doing it later wont change the RNG either, it will still be the same. I won 10 of those stones during the trove event and sold em, little did i know they would sell for so much later :/
  2. I personally will love to play it, as i personally love KFM, i just don't like the fact i get screwed over backwards on each encounter rigged for ranged classes, what would you like it see infused with FM + SMN + Pet class ? as if those 2 stand alone classes arent wreckingballs already....
  3. You need someone that also loves what you do, if you don't have much in comon it won't last.
  4. We still have people playing BD, SMN & Destro, i dont see why SF is any worse then those, this game is turning into Force Master & Soul anyways, KFM's will die out and Blademasters are still waiting on that dominant patch where they will rule it all, so they all died out long ago. All i see when i join a party with my KFM is FM, WL & SMN. So to those that say "but but SF sucks..." can go suck it...
  5. i am personally waiting on SF, in the last 2 months i have not performed a single upgrade to my equipment and just saved my gold, i can not be assed to log on anymore to just pile some more gold onto the pile. This feels exactly like being maxed out and not porgressing anymore. Idd rather be deadbroke every upgrade so i can then set a new goal.
  6. My KFM skill threes have not changed for 2 months, one for pvp and one for pve, except for here and there a point, its rotation in pve is always the same, there are no good other builds, they are just weaker and diffrent then the best one. My pvp conists of waiting it out till the opponens blows 2 escapes then 3RF him 100-0, there are no other builds unless your name is Jaesung and you have been playing for 3 years. My FM build is also more or less the same except a point here and there, its rotation consists of LB + RB & F spam, with sometimes another button weaved
  7. You what ? why would you need 1% damage on kill 12 npc quests ? There is a entire slew of 8-12 dailies you can do that give 65 silver ish each on completion.
  8. They used to be really expensive at launch and are really allot easier to get now if you just concentrate on getting to level 50, at the time we hit 45, they were around 12-16 gold each and we made around 3-4 gold per day from our dailies, so to get 1 we required 4-5 days to buy one. If you get to level 50, just the silverfrost dailies net you 4-5 gold for 8 quick quests, so just doing those for 20 mins per day almost gets you pretty much 1 per day as opposed to our 4 days per Transformation stone. For your soulstones, do the Misty pvp quests everyday, except the 10 kil
  9. It is not a threat, it is just like stating a fact, like voting with my wallet, i check back from time to time for SF class anouncements, but i will not be spending a single euro, nor am i still actively playing the game at this point. It might not make much diffrence, but most people that have posted in this thread have gone already and a bunch of em won't ever come back. They really should not have added fresh released KR content like infinity tower and not do the SF, if they are going to withold this class much longer i will most likely not give a *cricket* anymore w
  10. I am not looking to tank anymore for derp groups, there is a limit to how much abuse you can take from those toxic players that know it all. I Joined some groups yesterday and disabled all my threat generating abilities on my KFM and i was still tanking in every dungeon i did without losing agro, so most random groups are really bad at delivering their dps, so threat or no threat, just a pretty good execution of all your skills will make you keep agro, its just not going to be 100% secure at all times. If this game had less a-holes in it, i am sure there would have been
  11. Ive never seen a cheater come and say, "yeah damn guys they got me, i was cheating" GG. I guess bots & cheaters don't excist then, since noone has ever done it... We really don't know, you can come on here and say you want OP, we cant verify what you did or didnt do.
  12. I play with 18ms, so it should be flawless without issues, but with lagspikes, skill delays on the EU servers, it is not playeble for a melee, the first 3 months i tought i had to git guud, then one day i installed WTFast and everything was instantly better, faster respones etc while having double my initial delay +- 32-46ms. Not sure why it happens as ive tried literally everything, even getting a new router and entire new internal network for my home. Like i said, my FM has an easier time iframing attacks in melee range then with the KFM, even while ive adapted to the
  13. I had just added this to my previous post, as i DO have a geared FM. Most ranged classes i group with just go derp deeps on a mob and whatever happens because of it, its the noobs tank fault anyways, all they have todo is DPS and thats what they did so how can it be their fault? I don't ussually die in groups as i am ussually the last one standing, but i can asure you that the only way for us to regain aggro is to counter, we have to watch out for melee attacks, AOE's, mechanics, it is not a far stretch to think that when a melee is pressured into the idea of having to rega
  14. I dont think you know how most Melee's agro work. In my spec i have a ranged engage as a KFM to open up with that sits on a 12 second cooldown, this on its own does very minimal initial agro, we have an AOE on a 45s cooldown and we mainly gain aggro from our Counter skill, if you rip aggro from us before we got it locked down, this means we need to counter one or two times, if not well good luck, you can keep the aggro, because my next ability is 12 seconds out and will do hardly didley squat because you have the agro and are kiting it away from me. Since you are now ki
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