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  1. Doing it later wont change the RNG either, it will still be the same. I won 10 of those stones during the trove event and sold em, little did i know they would sell for so much later :/
  2. I personally will love to play it, as i personally love KFM, i just don't like the fact i get screwed over backwards on each encounter rigged for ranged classes, what would you like it see infused with FM + SMN + Pet class ? as if those 2 stand alone classes arent wreckingballs already....
  3. We still have people playing BD, SMN & Destro, i dont see why SF is any worse then those, this game is turning into Force Master & Soul anyways, KFM's will die out and Blademasters are still waiting on that dominant patch where they will rule it all, so they all died out long ago. All i see when i join a party with my KFM is FM, WL & SMN. So to those that say "but but SF sucks..." can go suck it...
  4. My KFM skill threes have not changed for 2 months, one for pvp and one for pve, except for here and there a point, its rotation in pve is always the same, there are no good other builds, they are just weaker and diffrent then the best one. My pvp conists of waiting it out till the opponens blows 2 escapes then 3RF him 100-0, there are no other builds unless your name is Jaesung and you have been playing for 3 years. My FM build is also more or less the same except a point here and there, its rotation consists of LB + RB & F spam, with sometimes another button weaved
  5. It is not a threat, it is just like stating a fact, like voting with my wallet, i check back from time to time for SF class anouncements, but i will not be spending a single euro, nor am i still actively playing the game at this point. It might not make much diffrence, but most people that have posted in this thread have gone already and a bunch of em won't ever come back. They really should not have added fresh released KR content like infinity tower and not do the SF, if they are going to withold this class much longer i will most likely not give a *cricket* anymore w
  6. After the tweet that they made that they arent ready to comment on when SF is released i went back to APB Reloaded, re-subbed and spend the money i was planning to spend on SF, on some of their Joker boxes, got about a half years worth of premium and a couple of cool new guns, looks like they got their act together with Fairfight anti-cheat. Other then that also bought Aliens Isolation and BDO, guess that will keep me bussy until they are ready to comment on Soulfighter, on the plus side of things not having to grind anymore each day, when i do come back i got 3k gold waiting + Mat
  7. They have also been playing the game for 3+ years, most of the top pvp'rs on NA/EU have also played BnS extensivly before it came out here, sure there are some people that are naturally good, but you cannot just pick up a BM and get Diamond because you have 20ms faster reflexes then the other guy.
  8. Don't forget that for some unknown reasons many people have huge lag spikes in arena, just like me, at first i tought i was just bad at it and needed to git guud, then when i dug deeps it seems i am lagging really really bad only on crosservers & arena servers, that coupled with 1 Disconnect every 2-3 arena matches = auto loss, while i never disconnected anywhere else, really puts a downers on my arena experience. It is virtually not possible to pass gold for me due to the disconnects i am suffering from, so why should i keep trying ?
  9. I feel exactly the same way, ive been on True Pirate since before the lvl 50 patch, well before actually, grinded my ass off when supposedly it was all going away the first time and all i am getting these days are some additional gold added to the big pile of gold sitting there, silenty laughing at me as i try to not upgrade to towards Scorpio just to get it over with. At first it's ok, i am saving my gold, near to 1k its ok, i amma gonna be able to upgrade loads when i get it, near to 2k, hmm am i gonna log on to add 20-40 gold to the already huge gold pile, sure ill hang on, its
  10. The only reason i can see to keep it delayed for so long is to try and make a ton of money from the people who are gonna need to catch up, sadly by that time they will realize that most of us have lost intrest as the hype train grinded to a halt and died. We got Warlock quite early, why is that we are getting Soulfighter so late...it would have made perfect sense to have it released alongside the Fungus patch for people to catch up on emblems or this new patch in 2 weeks, just keeping it postponed is making no sense.
  11. I am really starting to get tired of stockpiling everything for months now and hoping Soulfighter is due soon, those 5 additional hongmoon levels are another kick in the beehives.
  12. Gems are hardly OP, between pentagonal & heptagonal gems the diffrence is minimal at best.
  13. As a KFM, 50% of my games seems to be against Assasins ^^... Top 10 really doesnt matter, the average player is never gonna get there.
  14. If a weapon is only going to benefit me for 1 month, before something better comes out, my own logic dictates to just skip the weapon and keep your gold in your pocket for a month...why do you feel the need to buy a weapon upgrade that will only last a short time. Just skip it, problem solved. I am currently at True Pirate and i will be at True Pirate for a long while, not because i cannot upgrade as i am sitting on 916 gold atm, but i am waiting until the prices go down so i can get more upgrades out of my gold. Its called "Patience", try it for some time.
  15. Thats the problem for most games, most people play, they find new games every few weeks and when the initial rush wears off they find that it is again the same thing they have been doing, but keep on doing it and never get anywhere. Every MMO is the same, you kill things, get loot, progress, if you progress too fast, its bad, if you progress too slow its bad, but even in MMO's that get that aspect right, there will be some issue with something and its gonna be bad. It is normal to grow bored of something, you don't need to find reasons to move on, just m
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