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  1. Thats the problem for most games, most people play, they find new games every few weeks and when the initial rush wears off they find that it is again the same thing they have been doing, but keep on doing it and never get anywhere. Every MMO is the same, you kill things, get loot, progress, if you progress too fast, its bad, if you progress too slow its bad, but even in MMO's that get that aspect right, there will be some issue with something and its gonna be bad. It is normal to grow bored of something, you don't need to find reasons to move on, just m
  2. I posted a link on the first page for Riva Tuner 2.24 how it should look like. Riva Tuner 2.24 I found 3 parked cores on my i7, i did not know of this, thx!
  3. This is the Riva Tuner window for version 2.24 http://imgur.com/4HohBkB
  4. Most of the other fixes i could get my hands on have been applied to my pc, the Latency fix (Leatrix_latency_fix) the Gameguard fix, but they all didnt do a thing until i did this. Maybe its a combination of, but then it shouldnt work on my friends 780 GTX because he has never applied any of the other fixes to his system. edit: you are making sure Riva Tuner is active in your tray right ?
  5. for me it was also the GPU usage, even now in Mushin Tower its taxed at 81% with no npc's rendered, except mushin itself, most other locations 99% and only in dungeons it dips down near corners, but not anything harsh like before.
  6. My card is a Gigabyte's, i don't think it matters.
  7. What GPU do you have? as my fix seem to work for 680 & 780 GTX GPU's. Also did you enable enough stuff in BnS to cause enough load? In my GPU ussage, if i disable enough things in BnS advanced graphics settings, my GPU % goes down. But idd give it a try with a restart.
  8. My computer runs fine with each and every other game out there, its just with BnS that my GPU is sleeping on the job, when it gets pulled from 99% down to 60-65% due to i dunno issue, it doesnt cause any problems, but when you get pulled down from 40% to 15-25% and sometimes even 0% it freezes the game/stutters. To call it a dirty hack is a bit harsh, it just a tweak that does what Nvidia in performance mode should do, but for some reason does not.
  9. Its just what he said, to check if your GPU is now taxed to around 99%, if it is not you skipped a step maybe ? What card do you have ?
  10. Hey, so ive been having really low FPS and drops when a boss does his huge attack i drop to 0 FPS for a couple of seconds or my iframe becomes imposible to use due to the stuttering that starts seconds before, ive had this issue since the game launched and i have a i7 cpu, 16GB ram and 680 GTX witch should run this game fine. Ive tried a bunch of fixes from other people but none hit the spot, the issue is because this game uses only 40% of my GPU and when the stutter does a driveby shooting, it drops down to 15-25% and i am unable todo jack-shit all, with these changes your usage o
  11. I didn't knew it dropped in there, did the quest once and got it :p
  12. -Pve Farm BSH, sell Hongmoon skill for 200-400 gold, buy 800-1600 soulstones... -Pve solo Brightstone, Sell 2 moon thingies for 1.5 gold, buy 6 Soulstones...Merry Potters chance to drop = bonus Its not beause you cannot PVE them directly that you cannot obtain them through pve...
  13. Its not because it is on the internet that it means its right, P2W is only if you cannot get the item without Real money, if it drops ingame and you can get the drop yourself without paying money for it be it gold or real, its not P2W. If they were selling +50 AP diamonds in the cashshop and only for NCcoins you could buy them, thats P2W, if the diamonds dropped ingame it would not be P2W. People seem to losely use the term P2W when in reality it only took effort to get it, put some effort in run BSH4 man get your book, if you buy gold through the exchange with your NCCoins, you
  14. Just a question, but how do you blow 80$ in only 38 levels ? When you bought the costumes, you should already have realized they are for one character only, personally that would make me think really hard before buying it, and while some are really nice there are plenty ingame to be had, that is not to say that outfits should be bound to a character, personally i would prefer the wardrobe to be shared accross all your characters. But it isn't, it is up to the player to have a bit of sense and decide for themselves if you really "need" that outfit. NCsoft is trying to ma
  15. Please point me to the MMO's that have actual end game content 3 weeks after launch, other then the 1 or 2 Raid zones, other then the real sandboxes like Ultima Online, these days its 1-3 days to max level and for most 3 days is way too long. Rift did a good job at releasing content really fast after launch, but other then that what we now have in B&S should be the content you have to play around with for the next 6-12 months or so. At least with B&S being out in KR for such a long time, we will get a steady stream of pre-made content until we catch up, witch isnt that bad
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