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  1. coming back to the game

    I'm staying until my sub run out which is soon and if until then nothing had been done i'm gone dun bother with this game with its current state and below is the reason why. 1. bot issue its pretty common for f2p game to have bot (i'm ok with the chat spamming bot running around in open world killing boss but it's a big no if they interfere with our gameplay for (a) e.g. cross server dungeon (when you que for cross server you will always get 1 or 2 bot in your team and they just stay afk) (b). Arena pvp is fill with bot from bronze rank up to pla you will almost face 100% bot and kmf bot is slowly making their way into Pla rank. As a game that focus on esport and arena pvp bot is a big NO. 2. optimization issue WORST optimization in the entire mmo market hell even tera run better then this game. i'm actually ok if they make improvement every patch but instead of improvement every patch make the game worst. Me from a solid 90FPS average drop to a average of 20FPS. 3. Weird Arena lag It mostly happen to EU player...EU player is having weird ping issue in arena. Most of them have a good average ping of 60 in open world but whenever they step into arena it increase to 300ms 4. Developer developer does not seems to acknowledge there's a issue with their game and they always blame player on the performance. Also they always say "WE ARE CURRENTLY WORKING ON IT" but it get worst every patch 5. hack and cheat gameguard does nothing to detect hacker and cheat in arena. Lots of ppl running hack in pvp
  2. BnS is following wildstar path, Opinions?

    I would say yes they are following ws footstep....why? 1. Bot In arena---- pvp arena is what attract people and if its not slove soon ppl will leave 2. Hack and cheater 3. Fps performance issue I think it will be die faster the ws
  3. Quitting Review - BnS is pretty hollow.

    Same bot in areana make me quit the game. ...fighting 20 matches of bot destroyer make me want to fall asleep. Now this patch come bot had evolve kmf and summoner bot in pla rank
  4. Fix your areana bot free first....esports dun make mme laugh
  5. Just shut up..ncsoft staff insteading of replying here go fix your game
  6. join me @ moonlight blade online if u understand chinese....excellent f2p without p2win elements and best of all 0 gold seller....average 60FPS with 1000 within an area
  7. no chance .....every patch the performance drop..until ncsoft prove me wrong
  8. its always us our connection and pc...its always not their fault that's their answer I already almost give up...still have hope maybe I wait until next patch and if nothing they do to improve the FPS or bot issue i'm out. I always think why ncsoft is trying their very best to break the game every patch..seems like every patch the performance and bot issue get worst. There's a lot of good feedback but they refuse to listen to our feedback and they always like to say "we are looking at a long term solution" =) by the time your solution work there will be no player left.
  9. fix the fps already i wanna play lol

    Go play other is the best no fps issue....*cricket* na version
  10. 0 tab cd in arena?

    Hacker...thts why...gameguard encourage more hacker
  11. Hello gameguard, Hello Disconnect again

    They are testing our patience. ....just make gold untradeable pro solve. ..its tht easy
  12. Fix bots in next path or i am out

    Actually the fix is pretty easy...make gold untradable......but can be trade within the same account. Increase the gold reward x2 from daily. ..problem solve
  13. The lag is completely unbearalble.

    as usual they wont admit its their fault...they are very good in blamning the player base..its all our fault our internet connection and our pc.
  14. The lag is completely unbearalble.

    =) its always our problem not their problem
  15. dun need to waste your time giving feedback.....they always have their GREAT LONG TERM PLAN TO FIX BOT..=)