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  1. Why can't they put Devine Grace Stones in f10 since they put Premium Transformation Stones there, it is harder to get since there are only 3 places they drop and those can be difficult for some of us.
  2. Anyone having trouble dropping FPS in this dungeon. I have no problem in any other dungeon even BT and VT my frames stay steady around 60 FPS but when I run HH my frames bottom out sometimes to under 10 FPS can't hardly play. Any ideas to help would be appreciated.
  3. I thought we were supposed to get 15 HM coins a day, yet I do not see any. Whats going on?
  4. Whats every ones thoughts on this trove? Was it what you expected or worse then expected? What are the thoughts on the chance drops? Your thoughts and ideas for improvement.
  5. I agree the Afk in dungeon issue is becoming a big issue you see more and more of it then ever, I think there should be a way that the Afker should not receive the quest or be able to bid if he/she does no amount of damage or just stands at the outside of the final boss, a damage amount that can be shown that they are doing nothing to help the group in terms of dps.
  6. Buy N coins through Amazon and use the code its instant
  7. Is anyone having trouble getting their N-coins from F-10. I am a premium user who has bought N-coins from F-10 before with no trouble but as of last night I tried again and still have not received them but it did not go through my bank account either tried several times. I have been playing for a year and never had this trouble before. Just wondering if anyone else having issues?
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