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  1. I have 33 runs and seen 2 necklaces. One of which I won. Drop rate seems fine to me. In all seriousness the RNG factor of such an item should be toned down a bit. I got lucky and saw 2 in 30ish runs, but others are suffering badly.
  2. Currently in the top 10 Soul Fighter in ToI floor 54. Obtained driven outfit from last season. I have 5 challenger 3 sparring ss with 2k crit def. Consistently getting 50+ everyone run. So how did i get to this point? Practice! It will be hard at first but you have to keep working on your skills. However, if you don't have all the HM skills (expect Z b/c not needed) you shouldn't be attempting ToI as a Soul fighter. Get your HM rmb the one with PvP cobalt punch, and learn how to cc chain. Watch what other SF's do in ToI, copy their builds. The npc's are not the problem, your game p
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