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  1. Help!!!

    @FredricoKnight Thank you very much for your feedback As of BnS, I mean you could still try it out and see if you get a liking on it. You wouldn't lose anything but time if it's just to check it out for a few days (no need to buy Premium either). It's still fun to play at some cases. I am also still playing the game thanks to a few friends I am playing it together with. I will most likely quit it, once they leave too. So in the end, there is not really much which may motivate you from continuing to play the game. So the information I gave you on my earlier post was just so you can be aware of the circumstances you embark onto. Perhaps for Veterans this situation is easier if it comes to decide to keep playing the game, because they may already have a high item level of gear, due to their total playtime. I for example started playing BnS since Headstart, and I never quit. My gear is not maxed out, but it's high enough on my main character so I am capable of clearing all the new contents, also the newest raid. Once you reach such a state, it is not forcefully required to grind as much, because the gear still lasts for quite a while, so even if the gear progression is slow, at least requirements raising slow too. This is something which can help for players who casually play the game after a while when they already had a lot of (total) playtime and grind in order to get a decent gear to reach end-game. But for new people who just start playing at this point, it's a huge hill which you need to climb first to reach that state, and perhaps here some people may give up before, because you'll have to grind a lot during this time. I wouldn't mind if you want to contact me, feel free to add me on the DiscordApp, I can send you my ID via PM :P
  2. If there is a problem with your Ncoin purchase, then you should contact the Support and open a ticket from the Support Panel, instead of writing in the forum. Just saying.
  3. Help!!!

    Hi @FredricoKnight Your questions are reasonable, therefore you deserve reasonable answers too. I'll try to make things simple but also going into the detail - if that's ok for you :P Feel free to ask me about any further questions. As things go beyond just fun and gameplay, these things can easily be affected from the publishers and/or developer's business model of the game as well as of political circumstances. I do publish my projects on other platforms outside of the BnS forums, though I don't mind sharing my knowledge here too. - Worth playing ? This may sound weird, but I'd say Yes and No. It very much depends on your expectations about the game, and what the game can offer to you. Hopefully this will be answered to you within the next questions you've had. - Worth paying for the Premium membership ? Considering the cost-benefit ratio, the benefits are not really what you can expect for the value of the Premium Membership. The gains are poor, the price should be lowered or the gains further increased to make it valuable. However, there are still parts where you'd not like to miss the Premium benefits, as it becomes kind of comfortable for players who mainly want to play the game as their favourite MMORPG as it makes the poorly created game-system less of a pain. Simply put, if you truly want to get on the game not just as a casual but as a constant player, then it's worth to try out Premium to see if it can make a gain for your gameplay-style, otherwise don't bother with Premium Membership. - What classes are the best for Pve ? It's hard to say which one is the best. Best way is to try out the different classes, and pick up the one which suites your gameplay-style the most. However, the most wanted classes are classes which can be a proper tank (BM/KFM/WAR) and give damage increasing buffs to the party (WL/SIN/KFM/WAR). Yet also the other classes which I didn't mention too have essential unique party skills in order to execute specific mechanics for either protection or damaging, or just healing/resurrecting the team etc. The best way is always to go with a balanced team though, so either way, you will not want to have multiple players of the same class in your party. Sometimes it's hard to make such a balance, and you'll be forced to accept multiple players of the same class due to the lack of players playing either at that time or finding them with the qualifications required. Tip: As I understood from your further questions below, I'd suggest that you and your girlfriend shouldn't play both the same class. Try to find a liking to a class other then your girlfriend's to have a better balance, if you want to play together. - Will we ever be able to catch up to players who's been playing for years ? The game did have changes in the past, which made it easier to new players to get into a base gear from which it is easier to catch up - at least - to the older content. If you want to reach the true end-game however, which is always the most recent additions, you will still have to obey the game rules, which is very highly grinding oriented and therefore not very comfortable for Casuals. There is a reasoning behind this method though. It's not because the game is an Asian MMORPG and therefore people arguing with that it's obviously a grinding based game or any of this sort. The true reasoning behind it is the mere business model of the game, which is based and accommodating for microtransactions (MTX). In order to make MTX attractive to the player, they have to adapt the game-system to the likes of the MTX in order to give them a reason to make use of it. That's of course not how quality-oriented publishing works, because just having the option to buy or not buy MTX doesn't make a profit- and quantity-based game suddenly a quality-oriented game (even if it's free to play). It will affect the player's experiences in a lot of ways, as it affects the balance of the general system in the game such as economy, classes, content and even community as your achievements can be easily denounced by players who made use of a lot of MTX using their real money. Reaching the maximum possible gear has no meaning in this game, it will not reflect your skills, nor the fame when you could say that you have reached it with mere and fair gameplay which then again may drain a lot of motivation to play the game, because the person next to you "cheated" using MTX. Of course people couldn't care less about it, if they don't care at all about such things, however then my question would be: why is this an MMORPG then? You can expect content being delivered to always accommodate MTX, they went even that far so Loot-Boxes have even become part of events in the game such as the Treasure-Trove which is nothing less then something you could call paid loot-boxes - it's just a different visual type of its form, so they don't have to call it "loot-box" because loot-boxes generally have a bad reputation. You can also expect that, even if you don't care about MTX, that it will forcefully still affect your gameplay and make your life harder in the game, because the alternate way is farming and grinding hard, or trying your skills in power trading with the in-game market which could become difficult sometimes, due to the MTX affecting the market to an negative extent. - We will probably please in EU so which server has the highest population in EU ? Jinsoyun is the most populated Realm in the EU-Server region. Yet, don't expect a big community though. As of current situation and my very own experiences I can pretty much confirm that the community is definitely decreasing from time to time, you'll see the same faces more often and at late hours it'll be harder to find proper teams to play together with, due to the less amount of players in the game - which also is affecting the gameplay in a lot of ways. - Are there still new comers players ( Like my and my gf ) or it's only old players ? I think most people who starts playing the game quit in early stages, once they realize the current issues with the game, not just affected by MTX (Microtransactions) but also by how badly the game-support is provided by NCSOFT. The Client performance is very bad and cannot fully utilize the capabilities of your Gaming PC. The game is also full of bugs which were never fixed, and every new patch content is being delivered with new content, but no bug fixes, causing even more bugs and trouble to the game. This are all factors which forces many new players to retreat from Blade & Soul, and also the reason for Veteran players who decide to quit the game for good, as they get annoyed by all the problems the game has. - How's the community and are people willing to help or they will just bully / troll us ? Simply put: I pretty much agree with what @WhySoSeriousBro already said. Unfortunately the general community in Blade & Soul is not very well educated, not just because in the EU region - unlike in NA - many different cultures are coming together into one place here, but also due to the ability to have a proper understanding of MMORPGs, as this game is free to play people don't think about consequences of their doings. The fact that this game is an Asian MMORPG, will also attract people who can be really annoying - such as Weeaboos or Koreanophiles (no offence lol) and many shy players who avoid voice-chats preferring text-spam during combat failing their roles to execute proper mechanics. - What are the things we need to know before starting playing this game All the details I wrote above. This is a forum after all, therefore it's better to explain things once and detailed, having the ability to always check back if something was missed, instead of short and repeating in a endless spam of chat. - Is the game going to be fun to be played by 2 players together. i mean the story will be both be doing the quests together at same time ? I would say yes, but the main quests cannot be done together entirely. There will be solo quests during the main quest. However, all the other quests such as dailys can be done fairly together. You will also require teamplay to properly execute mechanics in dungeons and raids, so even more than 2 players will be required for these. - Lastly your honest opinion should we play the game or should we hard pass ? Several reasons I mentioned already, you'll never find a quality MMORPG as long as Microtransactions are part of it. Of course the developers wants to earn from their project, however there are a lot other ways to accomplish the profit too, even with free-to-play games. Blade & Soul already has a bad reputation, and the recently announced Unreal Engine 4 update, which will be hopefully provided soon in the future, won't change much. The game engine is not the code, if the people working behind the code still conduct on the business model NCSOFT has planned to the game, and if they don't provide the necessary game-support to fix issues, then even the best Game-Engine in the world will not make the game any better. Most people don't understand this part because they don't have the knowledge of programming in entertainment software development. Yet, the game still provides good things, and one of the most appreciated is the general combat-system which is in fact very unique and not available in this form in any other MMORPG as you may know already. It is the only reason for quite a group of players in Blade & Soul, and one of the last few reasons for them to still keep playing it every now and then. It is the same for me too, but I also found good friends in the game which I like to play with. Sometimes new content updates also do provide things which is fun when played in teams with friends, even though mostly the grind-part is still there. You can give it a try and see how things go during a few weeks and if you can find an attachment to the game with your girlfriend. In order to help the fun factor to increase, I'd suggest to find a friendly clan where you can get help and play even end-game content decently together. Finding such a clan may take a while though, so do it while you play through the story you will surely find a nice Clan where you will feel comfy. If you don't get any progress at all, getting annoyed or if the game feels like a job to you, then stop playing it. Don't force yourself to play it. Overall I'd call Blade & Soul fairly an average, perhaps even below average MMORPG. I hope I could answer your questions in a way you may have expected it to be. Trust me, it took me less time then what you'd think to write all this, as I am used to it since I am writing much more in my other platforms, and my full reviews are even more in-depth and detailed which my readers likes and appreciate a lot. Anyway, Feel free to ask if you want additional info. I'll be happy to help. Cheers
  4. My argument is about keeping some exclusive content to remain unique, since this suggestion wasn't made so far. Of course the disappointment is there at some extent and I didn't say that I'd quit if they add Night Luna or Regium Corvus. This was already done and now the suggestion is made to make an halt to this, before more of the exclusive outfits become affected. It looks like you take this very personal. Please relax, I didn't mean to be offensive! It's just my opinion on how I look at this issue considering the contents offered from within the game of what's possible and what's not. The part talking about "skill" is something else and has nothing to do with this issue, that's why I will not further go into detail about this. To properly explain again what I mean: This is an online RPG for which it is required to give the consumers something in the game to make them reach objectives where they can be proud of. It is simply put part of how online RPGs are made in order to become successful. You will find this type of treatment in almost all online RPGs. However, that's not limited to skill-capabilities, but also includes rewards. You cannot look to all the content in a casual-thinking way. It is required to look at it with a wider view, as the community isn't based only of casual players. That's not something everyone would instantly agree with because not everyone has the experience associated with this type of treatment. NCSOFT will understand, they're experienced with many years of hosting online RPGs going through this issues several times. You simply need unique content for challenges reached in the past, in order to make these customers keep playing the game. There are several ways for this in a game like Blade & Soul and outfits are part of it as this game is also promoted with fashion and rewards based on fashion to show player respects. Let's take the Grand Phoenix set as an example. This piece was offered during 1st anniversary as a thanks to all those players who kept playing the game after it launched a year before. It was something to honour those, who actually were there during that time. Re-adding this outfit out of a sudden (and the taste if it looks good or bad doesn't matter at this point, nor other players who weren't there would like to have it back again at a later date), would treat those players who were once honoured in a very shameful way causing huge disappointment and disgrace. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, it is something veterans can be proud of having items in their collection not available to obtain any longer and the knowledge that it will remain like this for as long as the game remains live. It is a motivation for them and simply put the reward they've pretty much earned to hold something unique. You cannot make this available to a later date again, it would break the mould. We're talking about games which are there for entertainment and to have fun. Best Regards RAID
  5. @Neog Yeah I get the point. But on the other hand this game doesn't really offer anything unique to show off other than the outfits. Players can't even get a view to achievements of others, without linking them explicitly to the chat and there is only a few achievements not available to obtain any more. Highest tier gear isn't something unique either, because you can simply make use of Micro-Transaction and basically "cheat" yourself to max. gear with your real money. I call it "cheating" because it's the same as actually cheating, the only difference is that you pay with real money, instead of typing console commands or using a trainer. It simply doesn't feel rewarding if everything becomes common. I'd rather quit the game and play something else instead. There is not much left which keeps me from continuing playing BnS anyway, if they take this one thing away, then I say good bye, simply as that.
  6. @SkyStorm@Nomade13 I will try to explain this to you, however to properly understand the situation, I've to point out to this issue with a wider view explaining why this is happening. This game is affected by Micro-Transactions causing a huge impact to the in-game economy not just by the effects of players making use of the Micro-Transactions, but as well as from the Publisher (NCSOFT) implementing these offers to the game at the cost of game quality and player-friendly content. So what does that basically mean? In order to make players use these Micro-transactions, the base game-setting must be adjusted to actually motivate players spending real money on those offers. For example by reducing the item drop rates from dungeons, or making it more difficult to obtain items such as moonstones or legendary drops from new dungeons. That's also the only reason why Moonstones were removed from Mushin Tower F15, because it was not due players can one-hit Yukson, it's because players would be able to get moonstones in a far too easy way making it unreasonable to buy RNG-Boxes, Treasure-Trove keys or Daily-Special Offers from the Micro-Transaction store for that, since moonstones remain a main resource to upgrade newest gear. That's just an example of many. Of course NCSOFT is fully aware of this situation, as it is their plan in consideration and executing this method. And of course they will not reveal their method as I pointed it out to the public, they will instead explain it in alternate ways such as players should run the newer dungeons. At this point you could say, that players don't get the chance to enjoy newer dungeons, because old content got nerfed and that's why players being stuck at lower gear levels for longer periods of time. This is were the situations becomes more complicated and there are several measurements which were done over the past and adjusted up until now. One of these were reducing the costs to upgrade older gear, in order to make a balance to the dungeon rewards being cut. Another way was by giving players events such as the one with the RNG-Soul right now. Now this event, as I explained on my earlier post, isn't too bad. It is actually a nice one as it will reward you with a more or less basically free Awakened Hongmoon Soul. It requires to run certain dungeons and finish the daily challenge, which too will give you certain rewards such as materials to upgrade your gear. But then you ask, why is the event soul still RNG-Based then? That's a good question and here is my answer: Even though the event is a good way of obtaining the soul, it still was made with the focus of motivating players making use of Micro-Transactions. At some extend by the frustration players may experience caused with the misunderstanding (I cannot tell for sure if it was planned to mislead them by not properly explaining that the percent bar is different and not an added chance to next tries, or perhaps an actual real error happened there) however, more likely on the other had with the impression of them getting a soul nearer to the higher tier souls and motivating them at that point to make use of Micro-Transactions just to further increase the soul item. They also made it so that you cannot seal the Awakened Hongmoon Soul anymore. That way they made sure that this cannot be abused to sell the soul, instead they have to invest additional oils to get the True version first, which then can be sealed if intended. While you've to spend almost all event souls to get the Awekened Soul, you won't be able to get enough event souls to exchange for Sacred Vials in order to upgrade to True Hongmoon Soul - to motivate you buy Sacred Oils from Micro-Transactions. The fact that you may get the Awekened Soul earlier if lucky, is just a motivation to not give up on farming, and that's why it is RNG-Based. It's actually not a rocket science to figure that out, if you're aware of current entertainment development politics, as Blade & Soul isn't the only game where this is happening. However, I am not trying to say that this is all a fraud or scam at this point, even though it may sound like it. This is simply put the business-model NCSOFT choose to run their game with and as a customer/player there is nothing you can do about it, other then to play the game in a way were you find ways to overcome all that. I too don't like it and it's a matter of time and upcoming content until I personally quit the game for good myself. And that's why I still do think that it's worthy to farm the event souls getting the awakened soul done and able to still use it for your own benefit regardless of NCSOFT's intentions. And if you've trouble clearing dungeons, then make friends to play together with, join active clans, just don't play Blade & Soul alone. It is much harder otherwise. Considering the way how you type and write trying to say what you intended to say, I guess it's because you're addicted to the game. It's nor hard to close the game and uninstall from your system. Read what I wrote above, and eventually you'll understand. Best Regards RAID
  7. Tell me, what do you prefer then. The awekened soul for around 6000g with current price, or for 225 event souls?
  8. I agree with Nemises. Also you guys need to know that this percentage bar is not an increase of the chance for the next try. It is a seperate bar with the progression shown on how much it is left (if you always fail) until you get the guranteed upgrade path. Everytime you try until then has always the same chance of getting the leg. Soul. The description of the process at some point is misleading though, which doesn't really makes me wonder, as lots of translation in this game was and is still messed up. Let's say you have to go all the way through 100% of simply being unlucky (that's actually common btw. You might have some friends who got it before but thats really the minority. I guess the chance lies at around 5% so it is possible but it's not common) First you need the stage 6 soul which costs 45 event oils. Then you need 12 trys total, as you get 9% instead of 10% sometimes. Which means, that you need 11x 15 event souls to first reach 100% and then again 1x 15 event souls to make it a success after completely filling the bar. A total of 225 event ouls therefore is required. Eventually you may get it for less if you're lucky enough, but I recommend to not expect that to happen. I do agree that it was not nice of causing this misunderstanding, but I still consider this event as a pretty much rewarding one, because you get the awekened soul bascially for free, which cost me and lots other veterans around 20.000g back in the past when it was the new soul. So complaining about it and quitting the game is very overrecating in my opinion. Be glad it is still free to obtain.
  9. They did say it on the live stream. Best Regards RAID
  10. 1st: Grand Phoenix Set was the most expensive outfit offered during 1st anniversary as a special one-time deal from the Microtransaction Store for a price of over 5000ncoin. Also you apparently didn't understand what I was writing. What I say doesn't mean to not see outfits from the past, as not 99% were limited offers. There are lots of common outfits. For example the treasure trove, rngbox, or 2-weekly rotations. It's fine to add those again back to microtransaction store over time, as these are non special outfits. The only limited outfit which was addad back was Ninght Luna and Regium Corvus which I am very disappointed of the fact they did. 2nd: It must not be a purchase always. Some were obtained for free too. And as I mentioned above, I am refereing to very special outfits from which new masterpiecees becomes added maybe 1-3 times per year. Besides, nobody will hate anyone for that. It is something even liked by players. If you visit other online games, you will realize that there too will be content you will never be able to get as a new player who missed the events from the past, because you were not playing at these times. For example world-first clear achievement of a raid boss, or special followers/mounts, or special skins for outfits/weapons. It is simply something to have to motivate players to continue playing a competitive game, as they will get a chance to get something which will never be added to the game. Pretty much like Limited Edition offers of games, available for preorder before a game gets released, once sold out, these will never be reproduced, while the standard version is always reproduced or offered as digital version. I hope this clarifys what I was referring to and I am sorry for the misunderstanding. Best Regards RAID
  11. I completely disagree. Certain outfits, including the Grand Phoenix Set were a one-time limited offer deal and it was said on live stream that these are not going to be added to the game again. At this point, it is the only Show-off content (including certain achievements) in this game which keeps Veterans motivated to own something not available and never going to be readded in this game making them have something unique and rewarded for being part of the game for such a long time. This experience must be kept for the future. That's what I like to hear. However, I do agree to bring back non-limited outfits back over time, but please keep limited outfits out of this deal, such as the Grand Phoenix Set or the Saberfang Outfit Set, or the 1-year Premium offer outfits just to mention a few of them. As I stated above, it is one of the few outfits which makes owners of that piece have something they can be proud of. Therefore please keep these outfits out of that deal for the sake of veteran players. The day it gets back to store will be the day I will quit the game, and I am sure that I am not alone at this point with this opinion. Every online based RPG needs something like that and the outfits in BnS are a very good way of that as part for the excitement of the game for players who are in since Headstart. As a suggestions, I would recommend to bring new, awesome one-time limited offers over the time, players definitely don't want to miss as these will be treated with the same rule. That way there will be at least one or two outfits in the game each year players may obtain which will never be readded again giving them the chance to get something unique, so for new players. I hope you will have understanding. Best Regards RAID
  12. Hello Forum Readers, Writers and NCSOFT Team I want to make a suggestion regarding the issue the players in Blade & Soul are experiencing with excessive spammers in the chat. This is not just for Spammers sending messages about illegal "outside-of-the-game" Gold-Trades and/or scammers who send players to phishing sites, but also a solution against the excessive spammers in the faction chat for spamming their group requests or trades several times within a single minute. Actual state: This game already features the option to block spammers which will add the targets into the spammer section of the blocklist which contains 200 slots. At the same time the spammers will be automatically reported to NCSOFT for spamming (it is unknown to public how exactly these reports are being treated by NCSOFT though). There is also an initial report function for spammers, which will not add them to the spam-list, but will report them to NCSOFT instead. Additionally, the Chat features a function which will block the player from sending a message for a few seconds, if he/she did send too many messages within a short time period of seconds. Above that, the Chat-Function contains a filter, which analyses the written text containing words, or word combinations, or characters written which are not allowed getting automatically blocked from being sent to the chat, for example world wide web links. Target state: Report Function: Add a stack to the initial report function. When a spammer is reported (using the initial report function) by more than 16 players during a 1 hour period of time, block the chat for the target person's account for 30 minutes. To avoid abuse, players who get blocked from the chat will have the option to report an abuse by opening a ticket. With the Logs, it is possible to verify and punish the abusers with a temporary ban of the game for 1-7 days (considered by the severity of the abuse) A Notification of a punishment for abusing this function must be accepted when players use the initial report function. Keep the automatic report function when players block them for spammers for the purpose it is executed with the current system. Do not include this report to the report-method I was describing above. Chat Functions: Add a Trade-Chat to the game (Faction-Unrelated) Add a Group-Search Chat to the game (Faction-Unrelated) Add an automatic Chat-Lock for 30 minutes when messages are being spammed several times within a single minute making use of the Filter code words such as "lfp", "lfm", "lfr", "wts", "want to sell", "wtb", "want to buy", "selling", "buying" etc. with an intelligent mechanism of even considering spaces or other characters for example if they try to write "w-t-s" instead of "wts" and other ways of trying to bypass the filter. The code words must be filtered in all public channels, in order to make the players use the corresponding chats, such as the Trade-Chat and the Group-Search Chat (must be added to the game before). Private channels such as Clan-, Party- or Raid-Chat can be ignored. Private Messages and all other Private- and Public-Channels must still be monitored for at least scammers and phishing. Add a personal warning in red colour if the filter triggered 5 times in row, telling the player that he/she was spamming in chat and/or trying to send messages in chat-channels not meant for the purpose and by continuing that he/she may get locked from the chat for the next 30minutes. For abuse of excessive spam ignoring warnings and taking several locks in a single day will lead to an automatic temporary ban of the game first 24hours, then if continued again after the lock for 3 days, then again for 7 days. A message as a warning must be sent before the Ban triggers, if they continue spamming. Players who got banned from the game may still open a ticket if they apologize and promise stopping to spam to get unbanned, before the ban timer cools down. The Penalty must be logged with comments of why they got released from the ban earlier though, in order to avoid Abuse, if the same spammer trys to fool the Support after apologizing. Further suggestions/feedback from everyone in the forum is appreciated. Please feel free to add any wish you have or what you think will suite. But please think about your share before posting it. I made this with closely thinking about what the game has and how it can be improved in a reasonable and possible way even considering the programming capabilities, as I am experienced in ITs myself. Of course, implementing this feature in its whole will require the NCSOFT Support Team to take care of it too, such as for tickets opened for abuse or bug-reports. That said, this function must be tested and considered to be improved in the future as well. So it is for sure something which requires time and money for the development in order to make it work as intended. However, I do think investing the time and money for this purpose will benefit not just for NCSOFT by getting rid of Scammers and Phising, but also improving the quality in the chat which will satisfy most players in the game. I am looking forward of what @NCSOFT and of course any reader in the forums is thinking about my idea. Best regards RAID
  13. No, don't make premium silverfrost transformation stones random at all. Transmuting an item in exchange for materials should always grand you the actual target item you want to transmute - like in any other game. The psts is an essential piece of material required in this game, and the only source to obtain it is by transmuting it with only a random chance of obtaining or through Microtransactions, while - btw. - the Treasure Trove and RNG-Boxes are again a random chance. Once obtained, the option for trade is also possible, however the source of obtaining it through the game is limited still. This doesn't make any sense for a rpg based online game. There is already an exchange made by spending materials to get the psts, so why is it even considered to fail if unlucky? Make a reasonable cost to transmute psts and enable it as a guaranteed transmute - or better yet - remove it from transmute and add it to crafting guilds, as this is part of gear enhancements. The same should be done for Sacred Oils as well, although that's already a guaranteed transmute, however it would simply fit more to the game setting if it could be a crafting item.
  14. Server crash / Mass DC again

    @NCSOFT already opened ticket. Many players who were in raids (I can confirm with Black Tower) during the realm downtime, cannot enter the raid any more. We're locked out of the raid although everyone from the team regrouped outside already.