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  1. @FredricoKnight Thank you very much for your feedback As of BnS, I mean you could still try it out and see if you get a liking on it. You wouldn't lose anything but time if it's just to check it out for a few days (no need to buy Premium either). It's still fun to play at some cases. I am also still playing the game thanks to a few friends I am playing it together with. I will most likely quit it, once they leave too. So in the end, there is not really much which may motivate you from continuing to play the game. So the information I gave you on my earlier post was just so you c
  2. If there is a problem with your Ncoin purchase, then you should contact the Support and open a ticket from the Support Panel, instead of writing in the forum. Just saying.
  3. Hi @FredricoKnight Your questions are reasonable, therefore you deserve reasonable answers too. I'll try to make things simple but also going into the detail - if that's ok for you :P Feel free to ask me about any further questions. As things go beyond just fun and gameplay, these things can easily be affected from the publishers and/or developer's business model of the game as well as of political circumstances. I do publish my projects on other platforms outside of the BnS forums, though I don't mind sharing my knowledge here too. - Worth playing ? This may s
  4. My argument is about keeping some exclusive content to remain unique, since this suggestion wasn't made so far. Of course the disappointment is there at some extent and I didn't say that I'd quit if they add Night Luna or Regium Corvus. This was already done and now the suggestion is made to make an halt to this, before more of the exclusive outfits become affected. It looks like you take this very personal. Please relax, I didn't mean to be offensive! It's just my opinion on how I look at this issue considering the contents offered from within the game of what's possible and what
  5. @Neog Yeah I get the point. But on the other hand this game doesn't really offer anything unique to show off other than the outfits. Players can't even get a view to achievements of others, without linking them explicitly to the chat and there is only a few achievements not available to obtain any more. Highest tier gear isn't something unique either, because you can simply make use of Micro-Transaction and basically "cheat" yourself to max. gear with your real money. I call it "cheating" because it's the same as actually cheating, the only difference is that you pay with real m
  6. @SkyStorm@Nomade13 I will try to explain this to you, however to properly understand the situation, I've to point out to this issue with a wider view explaining why this is happening. This game is affected by Micro-Transactions causing a huge impact to the in-game economy not just by the effects of players making use of the Micro-Transactions, but as well as from the Publisher (NCSOFT) implementing these offers to the game at the cost of game quality and player-friendly content. So what does that basically mean? In order to make players use these Micro-transactions,
  7. Tell me, what do you prefer then. The awekened soul for around 6000g with current price, or for 225 event souls?
  8. I agree with Nemises. Also you guys need to know that this percentage bar is not an increase of the chance for the next try. It is a seperate bar with the progression shown on how much it is left (if you always fail) until you get the guranteed upgrade path. Everytime you try until then has always the same chance of getting the leg. Soul. The description of the process at some point is misleading though, which doesn't really makes me wonder, as lots of translation in this game was and is still messed up. Let's say you have to go all the way through 100% of simply being unluc
  9. They did say it on the live stream. Best Regards RAID
  10. 1st: Grand Phoenix Set was the most expensive outfit offered during 1st anniversary as a special one-time deal from the Microtransaction Store for a price of over 5000ncoin. Also you apparently didn't understand what I was writing. What I say doesn't mean to not see outfits from the past, as not 99% were limited offers. There are lots of common outfits. For example the treasure trove, rngbox, or 2-weekly rotations. It's fine to add those again back to microtransaction store over time, as these are non special outfits. The only limited outfit which was addad back
  11. I completely disagree. Certain outfits, including the Grand Phoenix Set were a one-time limited offer deal and it was said on live stream that these are not going to be added to the game again. At this point, it is the only Show-off content (including certain achievements) in this game which keeps Veterans motivated to own something not available and never going to be readded in this game making them have something unique and rewarded for being part of the game for such a long time. This experience must be kept for the future. That's what I like to hear. Howe
  12. Hello Forum Readers, Writers and NCSOFT Team I want to make a suggestion regarding the issue the players in Blade & Soul are experiencing with excessive spammers in the chat. This is not just for Spammers sending messages about illegal "outside-of-the-game" Gold-Trades and/or scammers who send players to phishing sites, but also a solution against the excessive spammers in the faction chat for spamming their group requests or trades several times within a single minute. Actual state: This game already features the option to block spammers which will add t
  13. No, don't make premium silverfrost transformation stones random at all. Transmuting an item in exchange for materials should always grand you the actual target item you want to transmute - like in any other game. The psts is an essential piece of material required in this game, and the only source to obtain it is by transmuting it with only a random chance of obtaining or through Microtransactions, while - btw. - the Treasure Trove and RNG-Boxes are again a random chance. Once obtained, the option for trade is also possible, however the source of obtaining it through the game
  14. @NCSOFT already opened ticket. Many players who were in raids (I can confirm with Black Tower) during the realm downtime, cannot enter the raid any more. We're locked out of the raid although everyone from the team regrouped outside already.
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