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  1. I dont buy RNG isnt rigged at all

    And yet, you only see a small fraction of the player base hitting the forums to complain about the RNG. If it was truly rigged there would be a lot more threads about it. This is just the new standard of entitlement. Where some people think the system works against them. I personally have had to only open at most 7 boxes before getting my weapon upgrades.
  2. Alright people calm down about the guy with the plat buyer account. I too have a top tier membership with such a website. That was because I used to sell ladder-only runewords from Diablo 2 to them. It still exists and I can log into it to check the rates. That does not mean that I RMT. I especially don't see the point or need to buy gold considering how easy it is to farm it. Solo brightstone runs, get the merry potter recipe. Get gold in PvP and buy soulstones with zen beans. Flip the market. Transmute elements and gems. Sell critical soulshield primers. On and on, many ways to make gold in this game. I see the exchange being more useful for me to get NC Coins so I can buy stuff from the cash shop as I currently don't have the extra cash to buy the stuff normally.
  3. You said you wanted to try different classes. Why do they have to have the same name? You really want to just limit yourself and instead complain about a company trying to make money off their free game on the forums instead. This is me giving zero shits about your first world problem.
  4. Or you could just like... Create a new account... Because they're you know... Free.
  5. Blackwyrm vs Melee classes

    Assassin here. Easy to get drops. If you have a real tank that keeps Blackwyrm stationary then Blackwyrm will follow a very simple rotation of his abilities. He will use his wide area attack almost exactly every 22 seconds. Once you understand his rotation you wont even need to keep count, you will know when to time your iframe to dodge it. Otherwise, you can die as much as you want, as long as you deal 1% of the damage and you are not dead when he is killed. However if you stay alive and have a larger contribution you have a higher chance to drop the brilliant version of the chest which has a higher chance to give you the rare items.
  6. Infinite Challenge Costume

    Took me like 100 runs to get Fangs of the Ironlord mask. That wasn't too bad because it was quick. Some people got it in a lot fewer because they were lucky. It is very random. That is what RNG is all about. I'm sure Infinite Challenge drops, you just have to be really patient.
  7. Hacks or not. That is clearly a gold farming team. Using bots or not I don't know. But the GMs really should be watching where all the income from selling those Misty Keys are going. EDIT: And this actually reminds me. I've been eyeing the key market for a while now. The undercutting is very irregular and for some reason they will only list them in stacks of 5 or 10. Rarely are keys listen one at a time. If there are then I'd guess some bot is taking them off immediately to flip them and pack them.
  8. This game needs to come to Xbox one!!!!

    1 post. Xbox guy. No thanks.
  9. Dilemma - Lyn is not sexy

    What a gross topic.
  10. Yes actually, it does sound right to me. That is what RNG means. If it were purposely stacked against you then we would see a lot more people on the forums complaining about this. Instead these threads only pop up every once in a while. Its the same shit in every game. People get unlucky with their drop rates and act like it should never be that way. Those who adopt these "its a 15% drop rate so I should get my item 15% of the time" do not understand the concept of probability. It is a 15% chance, every try, till the end of time.
  11. I'm sitting at 150 keys, with the next weapon I need being Storm Siren. This is due to me getting all my weapons in a few attempts. This is also due to all the dailies available at level 45 that throw keys at you.
  12. If this were anywhere near true, then you would have the entire community on the forums complaining. Only those who have bad luck, and feel the need to complain because of it, are here. I personally have been 'lucky' enough to get all my weapons in the first 3 boxes up to True Profane. RNG is RNG.
  13. Because internet in South America is horribly expensive. Most MMO companies don't find the benefit to meet the cost of bandwidth usage.
  14. The #1 most important goal of the Assassin is to break through all your counters. They do absolutely no practical damage unless they can cc you while in stealth. So the trick is to spec into aoe that will knock them out of stealth (you can see their silhouette), and to NOT attack when they are using their counter animation (hands slowly turning in clockwise formation). Keep in mind that if you don't attack them during this animation they can still use it to teleport behind you and knock you down, provided they are close enough to use it. This however does not give them the immediate ability to stealth, and often puts them in a really bad situation where most classes can just demolish them if they don't have smoke bomb or other escapes available. See? I'm an Assassin main and I just handed you some useful information. The reason why Assassins are not OP right now is that their gimmick is easily countered. Summoners and Destroyers however... completely different story.