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  1. takes me about 5 minutes a full run of outlaw counting the loadscreen and the mean time running from 1 boss to another, and the time to kill each boss is boss 1 8s boss 2 12s boss 3 57s boss 4 14s boss 5 1:04 m my ping is 290ms, my soul sucks and most of my accessories are on stage 3 to 6. With that being said i can't see the point of the whole crying about outlaw. now for circle of sundering takes me 2:10 to kill master hong and an average 25s to 1m all other bosses. its all about knowing what do rather than having gear or ping.
  2. Shadow gunner needs BT ring and cosmic soul to work fine
  3. TLDR; but id like to add, im running BT since semptember the month of gunner launch, and still haven't seem 1 fire ring, thats BS 100%
  4. Fire have more swag, but more expensive to gear up
  5. Its nice to see how ppl cry about gunners tab+f and forget other classes, I have been hit for 193k frost storm of a SF, 260k throw mine of sin, 160k searing scourge of BM, 120k snowball, 200k smash, all during BGs, not only gunners 1 Hit on these lands, OH and don't forget the op lightning flash and 1 air combo kill from warlocks, yet i have 2500crit def and 3.7k defense, legendary pet and stuff. al i see here is the good and old witch hunt called "Hey lets cry about new class because i sucks"
  6. whinners, "Hey hes dick is bigger than mine, they need nerf" is all see here. isn't it benefical to have someone dealing 1kk burst damage in pve on your party? don't you want get content cleared faster so then you can run another dg faster thus saving time just by having gunner on your party? or is that you are just salty because your dps is shity, like you and your gear then you want everybody to become shit so you can feel mighty?
  7. all i see is TAB+F wins only, no play skill included, and that is not a montage, it is just a video with music in the background.
  8. Being able to join the pvp doesn't mean it will be fair, or have the intent to be fair for really low level players
  9. Whinner, big ass dmg isn't the problem, the problem is infinite stun lock
  10. i can't remember the last time i needed a air combo with my gunner, só dont say it is good.
  11. yes it does, i'm solo player and i know a bunch of other solo players doing very well and almost becoming a whale myself even as "semi f2p" player
  12. im pissed because i don't had a chance to even buy keys, they were already locked when i first come in, but i wasnt going to post nothing because of that.
  13. i wanst even going to post here, but i cant help myself, dude server roll back is a great no no, can you even realise how much gold me and a lot of other players who have nothing to do with trove will lose? in my case is about almost a thousand gold. so don't ever dare to say they should roll back the server ever again.
  14. Game is not starting if press play with MSI Afterburner turned on, got turn it off, press play and turn on the program to control my vga fans and heat
  15. Its a skill that looks good at first glance but its is not, i've wasted 300g and alots of effort to farm the points needed for nothing. if at least the CD was lower like 20s it would worth it.
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