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  1. Toegra

    Assassins OP

    Summoners are tough, just gotta fight them correctly. I have issues with force masters. Stupid ass freeze.
  2. It's not released for NA yet. Give it time cricket.
  3. I will check with my clan mates and get back with you.
  4. About us: PK is a clan focused on fun. We support our clan mates, we are loyal. We love PvP. We are still growing, you can join the ranks now! We do daily faction quests, dungeons and events. We have a voice chat server and a website. If you're tired and weary from your journey. Then I say unto you. Bring your women, bring your balls. Traits we're looking for: Active players. Active members within clan chat. Willingness to help clan mates. PvPers Traits we're not looking for: Being a *cricket*
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