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  1. Well maintenance from 12:00 pm till 3-5 pm is realy bothersome cuz most schools ends at 2 pm so i don't know how they can make the maintenance at such a prime time.
  2. Attention NCSoft: Relook Premium

    I bet NCsoft is ls laughing it's ass off looking at this thread cuz well there will be always people buying NCoins no mater what. They clearly have no intention to comply to any demand writen there.
  3. Server Maintenance?

    Server are not in maintenance right now in EU at least.
  4. Can't you make a video tutorial please?
  5. Eu servers Up

    AHahah it's always the same
  6. Whispes says this is not even nearly the worst queue ever and yes it's my problem that ur making my eyes uncomfortable so i'm telling you to stop.
  7. Your not the only one and i think NCSoft is well aware about this problem and they are working on this if you have a script to get those queue run smootly then be my guest, if not just stop the rage cuz your just one of many.
  8. I found where bots hangout

    Gold seller or not is agaisnt the TOS and they can simply kick them off with this since they are even using programs to spam in game they violate rules they should be punished premium or not.
  9. Maybe they are thinking about what to reply or maybe they want to reply to every single ticket they receive, you shouldn't be impatience.
  10. Debugger?

    Magicaly working atm the magic is real thx for all ur helps ;D
  11. Fix the queue times.

    What the queue number of ppl waiting in windrest?
  12. Debugger?

    it refuses to load
  13. Debugger?

    Nope i have visual c++
  14. Debugger?

    Lel yes i've done the first one and a debugger shouldn't be related to the modem and i feel like if i submit a ticket i won't see the outcoming of this,
  15. LOok what I GOT! #HAPPY