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  1. I finished 1-15 but it wont let me do floor 16 Idk which npc to talk to, or if its a quest letter what is the name of it?
  2. So I got my friend into playing BnS right? Then he ended up going back to TERA after hitting HM8 in BnS so I thought I'd TRY to play TERA with him again and I just couldn't the combat was so slow and boring compared to BnS (imo) not to mentioned BnS looks a lot better than TERA. So my friend told me he liked TERA's combat more bc it required dodging, and thought and said that BnS was just sit there and dps the boss, and "you only use the same two skills." he played warlock. Also he just didn't like tanking or dps and he wanted a healer, but BnS doesn't have a holy trinity. I want other people'
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