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  1. I can't change my forum display name !!!

    i wrote to support they sent me to community team with this issue so i can advice you to write them with ur problem...even tho i didnt got any answer yet :D
  2. Eu servers Up

    Deika just wait 3-4 mins u will be in :D been there done that :)
  3. Eu servers Up

    wait the cinematics...i got in after 5 mins :)
  4. Hacker found plus Video for Proof! Where to Report?

    Guys lets just calm down and wait out what support said :) u cant do anything with it anyways :) if u see any other just report it :D end of story
  5. Multiple accounts

    I'm not sure if multiple accounts are allowed or not but I'm sure you can't dual client. They made it clear in 1 of their streams. :)
  6. Hacker found plus Video for Proof! Where to Report?

    ohh Adon i know hacks are out there i just hope they wont let the same thing happen to BNS as it happened to AION. Its full of hackers...people who already admitted they hack n NCsoft is not doing anything against them. So i really hope there will be some actions taken cuz it can destroy the game really quickly if they let it grow...just as gold spammers n queue.
  7. Hacker found plus Video for Proof! Where to Report?

    yeah but report im not sure it will work. U better go to support and send a ticket and make sure u link the video there. They'll be able to tell u more :)
  8. Hacker found plus Video for Proof! Where to Report?

    yeah i saw it :D im just telling u my experience from AION... but u should send them a ticket they might get to it easier. :)
  9. Hacker found plus Video for Proof! Where to Report?

    i guess they will say that either you or he is lagging. ill be really surprised if they say anything else. :) but hey good luck maybe u get a good answer!!!
  10. Show off your characters!!

    My cutie summoner made by my boyfriend :) he did a good work
  11. Anyone else disconnecting frequently?

    yeah...crashed 3 mins after a 1h queue....its really frustrating :( Insert other media
  12. crash and que crash and que

    After 1 hour of queue on a server i rerolled on i finally got in the game. I teleported and tried to change channel and my game crashed on the loading screen. Seriously fix this cuz i just had enough. Waiting 1 hour over a game that kicks me 3 mins later is just bs. Oh and i dont wanna mention the 3 crashes i had in the queue line before i even got in the game! I had stable and normal connection yesterday and the day before so how is it that today it just kicks me over n over again. I don't wanna stand in the que for another hour. At least add option to get back in game easier when u get kicked so u dont have to wait in que line like FOREVER. It's frustrating. XOXO
  13. Servers overloaded

    Yesterday we wanted to create characters on Windrest to play. It was locked down so we decided to try the game on a not too populated server Wild Springs. There was no queue everything was fun. Even at night queue was short so i wasnt worried. Today when i tried to log in i realised that i'm facing a 3k+ members long que which will least at least for 1hour if not more....I would like to know if they send people to other servers and they all getting full why cant u do something about it? It's quite frustrating to realise i can't play again due to this when yesterday i joined this server just because i couldn't go on the 1 i wanted to. Any info how they planning to solve this? Or any plans they have to do so?
  14. AFK timer implemented

    i'm sure you didnt disconnect because the change they just made :D u might want to check your connection :D
  15. AFK timer implemented

    Thats true 10 minutes might be a little short but if u go dinner then shower u spend 20~25 mins away then log out...if everyone would do it there wouldnt be 1-2 hour queue time. Servers wouldnt be constantly full. Of course the biggest problem is with those who go AFK for hours.