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  1. me esta molestando el juego, no se ingles

    Lo que te tocara hacer es unirte a un clan y empezar a preguntar porque parche en español no creo que exista, habian unos antes pero no estoy seguro si aun sean compatibles, y a la compañia ncsoft le importa basicamente un pepino las quejas que hagas acerca del juego, solo estan haciendo eventos P2W para llenarse los bolsillos
  2. Does it ever get fun?

    Dont worry about the other comments, thats mostly the respond you will always get from 80% of the population, git gud or leave. I main a KFM too but i had to switch to destroyer cause i cant 2rf very well and that ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤s up all the overall damage. Anyways i get what your saying, but you will need to get used to it, but NS is nowhere near endgame, since we can just face-tank every boss now with the normal dungeons i fell the same, but i like the combat system, it makes it fun and i really feel useful using the blue buff in the right time, grappling the boss so the team can have some bonus damage, its all about team cooperation even with strangers, normally you will encounter the tipical 1000ap or more guy that tells everyone trash cause someone died or something like that but dont let that ruin your day. I dont recommend rushing the same dungeon more than 5 times a day to farm the items needed, since it makes the game soooooooo boring even with friends, you need to expierence every part of the game everyday, not just go and jump into the daily grind and expect everything to be fun. Just sit there and talk in the faction chat about any topic, mostly the broken classes or the shit ncsoft support and balance, or jump into arena, anyways i feel you, sometimes i had to post rants to get it out of my chest but im still here since the game is fun and the community is very funny to talk with. Sorry for the bad english and have fun with the game, feel free to add me if you want to party some raids :D
  3. Grab Skill vs Lightning

    Does anyone know the differenec between those skills? im talking about Grab Skill Stage 1 (the one with the critical bonus) and the same skill BUT with unlocked with the hongmon book, since it sais "Restraineed for 6 seconds", a video could be helpful, and thanks!
  4. Hey, this might be off topic but in the quest Journal, in the tab "Quest Letters", those are the optional quest, it maybe there, but just for the record, check all the letters, there are tons of letters that help you with ingame currency like pvp soul shields by just playing som games of arena or some infernal lord horns for the legendary ring ( you need 100 more anyway but thats a lot by just some quest nstead of the dungeon). If you wanna add me ll would be glad to help with some dungeons.
  5. "15 seconds iframe?? OMG its only five stack hits, where u get that idea?" read again, like seriously. "If you cant spam attacks" Im talking about the advantage vs a KFM. we can use all the iframes we have and still get nuked to death with airborne. "the pet stun? warlock need standstill to use Q or E, and when wl get air combo by BD or BM or SIN, warlock thrall just stand like idi*t, cannot stun like cat"Again, im talking about the KFM, since he just said "Kfm: An other full counter. They will just spam block, Q and E spam around your Thrall, Frezee themselves if you use your dragoncall. And 1 stun lock u are %100 dead. No escape just 1mistake and it is over."
  6. My ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing god, i dont know who you are, but i was thinking the same thing while reading your post... C9 had the best pvp i ever played, a bit laggy sometimes, but man that was a good game to pvp. The only thing it needed was a status balance like BnS does. I like the pvp system in this game, but it could get a lot of upgrades (Talking about that ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing 70% airborne classes]). Do Warlocks really need more iframes? you have 3 bastions, that means 15 seconds of free time to nuke the enemy if they cant spam range attacks, That "untargetable" aoe buff, and the normal escape, plus the pet stun, plus the switch with the pet, AND a block or counter.
  7. The reward system was nerfed so the bots couldnt farm zen beans at all, and with zen beans the market got broken, along with the currency exchange.
  8. why hp and def doesnt increase as dmg do?

    Whats your class? only the WL, GS, and Sum are capable of that much damage with 1 airborne, you better get used to it or play another class if you dont want to 1 shot everyone, since those are the one broken ( talking about you, Warlocks.. Gs not much, and summoner... well i dont even need to explain myself, but they are somehow manageable.) And yes, they didnt and they wont listen at all.
  9. Could someone explain ranking to me?

    1400 is silver, and once the arena ranks are reset everyone gets bronze, wich is 1300, if you win against someone with higher rank you will earn more points, more points meaning 12-15, and the lowest ones 5-10. If you win your first match (with the arena ranks reset, or just by starting to play pvp) you will get silver immediatly, since everyone your playing against are mostly silver. Tag matchs are different, since you have people with all different ranks. Rank system goes from 1300-Bronze 1400 Silver 1600 Gold 1800 Plat and i cant remember but diamond must be 2000
  10. pvp against friend

    The only option im aware of, to pvp against a friend is sparring, if you keep hearing arensa is full check if both of you are in "duel match" instead of "tag match"
  11. Tips agains warlocks

    Thanks for the help, i didnt notice the "anti target", ill check it out, but the problem is most about the time consuming, since they will just wait, with bastion, and wait, and wait, and wait, if i dont use my iframes ill get targeted no matter what.
  12. Tips agains warlocks

    The title speaks for itselfs, im a KFM. I can barely do anything agains them, cant see a opening in most of the cases, they will just spam bastion, and or that buff that makes "not targeted", i can gain some time with Q,E ss and flurrys iframes, but if i miss 1 single of those skills and get stunned i just get airborne to death
  13. 50 Games already, and still in 1480elo, and im not that bad if you ask me, most of the time i was stuck in 1580-1600 (gold) but nowadays looks like everyone is just smurfing trough the arena, idk wtf is going on here but i had weeks of effort trying to get my HM z skill and now i cant even have it since its "gold only or gtfo trash"

    No dijiste que problema tenias, si son bajos FPS, pues este juego esta muy mal optimizado, esta hecho desde el 2012 pero nunca se dedicaron a optimizarlo bien, configura el limite de frames a 120 (es mejor que 120 que 60 para este juego) y si te da problemas en las raids o demas por la poblacion trata de probar si con CTRL + X se quita, ya que esto oculta los demas personajes y el HUD. tambien trata bajando el character visibility y quitando el Antialiasing. O simplemente podrias colocarle los graficos al minimo, e ir probando escalando poco a poco a ver cual efecto se esta comiendo mas el computador
  15. Frustrated about PVP arena matches...

    In theory, but is stll playable, i have 130-160 ping and im struggling in 1650(Gold), Yes, it sucks that i cant R2f but im not the king of guy that starts a new character and takes it to 50 in 3 days, not to mention the years i needed to get HM Counter. The ping starts to get annoying once you reached 200. Get used to the defeat logo, KFM is very useful against every class since is the most balanced ones ( except vs assasins, if you face an assasin is a 80% chances of defeat if you are not used to the kite and run) Tips: Start to use SS more often, its very useful vs every class, and it gives you Smite to do airbornes combo, or Tiger's Pounce to KD enemies. - Dont spam counter every time is up (every 1 second) since everyone will get used to the timing and it will start to feel useless -Against bladedancers and destroyers, just KD the shit out of them, their tab doent cover KD skills so if they are one of those tab spammers, they will use Second wind(Tab scape) for mistake. I normally would use Leg Swep or Tigers'Pounce>Firestrom Kick to stun>Footwork or Shadow dance to evade getting dazed from the Second Wind. Or just wait for them to use retreat after getting KD and use Comet Strike>Flurry to daze. -Against FM? eeh....most of them will use counter too so ill just get really close and use Shadow Dance or Footwork with Triple kick to stun, since they have 2 scapes use Ice Guard, that takes the chill out of you and you gain some time to get closer with Avenging Fist or Flying Slam. -Blademasters? Just praise so you dont die -Warlocks- Keep gaining time, everytime they get KD they spam scapes, bastion or Sanctum, wait for them to use 1 or 2 escapes, since the pet and them will always be attacking you, using footwork or shadow step near the pet will always grant you some Evasion stacks and triple kick.