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  1. Did you even queue for arena? Do and see for yourself. Not losing time anymore explaining.
  2. Gear has no impact in arena so please stop asking about gear. Players are scaled to level 50 in arena that's it. However if you are level 35 you still have only the skill points of a level 35 which means that you will lose to any normal player who is level 50 with some HM levels due to the advantage of skill points he has. Usually you don't want to play arena until you are level 50. HM skills (the ones you need to unlock) can also give you an advantage if you have them but in the next months expect everyone serious about PvP to have all their HM skills for PvP unlocked so it won't be an issue anymore. That is the great thing about BnS: PvP in arena is entirely skill based, and not gear based, a bit like in fighter games.

    You can't do anything about the ones with the "good" resist script. Just hope they fix their game in 1 year or 2...
  4. Where can i find high level pvp videos?

    For blade master (one of the best if not the best BM in the world)
  5. Fun and addicting but...

    Herro Mrs. troll
  6. Please Ban this speedhacker immediately

    Please we all know you are a troll
  7. Disable Summoner in PvP

    The only issue right now with summoners are the *cricket*ING hacks which allow them to get permanent resist. More and more people are adopting them and you see them from silver to diamond. As a developer it must be really easy to code on server side a cooldown check to make sure that you can't have your iframe up after using the skill(s) which give you that iframe, no? Those developers suck. Oh and don't try to get me started on "well yes but you can workaround some of those hacks".
  8. Support is a joke, or they are trolls ?

    GlowLight is an obvious troll. Don't feed the trolls.
  9. You get some in platinum (and sometimes in gold too according to other players). If you are happy with having a MMORPG with a crappy game design like this and tolerate it, then alright I'll start coding some tools to do the same thing.
  10. The summoner exploit which makes it possible to get permanent invulnerability while spamming sunflower is still running rampant. Just check the top player in EU at the moment (that level 26 summoner). I am just laughing my ass off about such poor game design. Get that job at NCSoft nope your developer team really sucks.
  11. This Game's PvP Is Just... Terrible?

    Open world PvP? I stopped reading there
  12. The Only Bots Are Destroyers?

    Kiting them and throwing daggers/poison bombs whenever off cooldown is a 100% winrate against destroyer bots + tab->1->stun->air launch combo (don't web them it is pointless as they will turn to face you) after they blow their tab escape. Just run around and don't forget to put your flower down whenever off cooldown. When you know they are going to charge you/jump on you spam premptively your Q to iframe it.
  13. Infinite invulnerability?

    Sorry for being rude but STFU if you condone THIS:
  14. I spammed their official twitter linking this thread. Please do the same for more consumer pressure:
  15. Those are some great BM arena streamers.