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  1. quartz respown time?

    according to wiki . its 60 minutes
  2. then you never played WoW and diablo 2
  3. if there was an easy fix , don't ya think an enterprise like "blizzard entertainment" (for example) would have come with a solution by now. But no , spam bot are still spamming. And also... cheater & hacker ... just to make sure you guys understanding it correctly , they are there to stay, there will always be. because enterprise like gameshark, gamegenies cheathappen and companies. are business also. they often go in court and win all their cases, why, because programmers code their stuff in a way that allow hacking and cheat to occur. They have to put EXTERNAL countermeasure. That spam bot stuff is also an Enterprise, in china. You can basicly win you're life by spamming, like you can win it in the USA by sending viagra spam e-mail.
  4. Free Goodies for downtime

    you can dream , ncsoft giving free stuff, that never going to happen. I think they never did. in any games

    you fell for it , the only one you can blame is yourself
  6. yep its missing 8 servers the 8 new one. might take a month or two for them to creat the sub forum
  7. 80 ping EU server :(

    you dont know what youre talking about... se ya troll
  8. 80 ping EU server :(

    then you dont know what is ping try to connect to the NA server and see whan happen it is humanly impossible do detect a differance of 50 ms
  9. 80 ping EU server :(

    I think youre confusing with fps
  10. 80 ping EU server :(

    the lower the ping the better . 80 is acctualy REALY GOOD it is humanly impossible do detect a differance of 50 ms
  11. then its youre pc and/or your ISP
  12. where do you live , are you playing on the right server ? maybe its related to youre hardware failng (internet card giving up) or maybe you just have a poor ISP and a very bad connexion or maybe you have one of the chroma razor mouse and key borad that acctualy make the game crash