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  1. This thread topic makes me think of this :) As for why less people play Lalafell in FFXIV, this includes me Miqote catgirls and guys fun times.
  2. Can any confirm if this quest is bugged people get the item but cannot interact with the corpse. or is this just me ?
  3. You can use weapon found in game to change the appearance of your weapon, you lose the weapon used for the skin but this is still a nice feature. Does anyway know why they would apply the same restrictions to store bought weapon skins, this feels like a BS move, I got over the founder packs not applying to all characters, but this seems like a BS to me In game weapons you lose Store bought weapon skins, should be re usable.
  4. The current Maintenance looks more like an emergency one FFXIV (Square-Enix) had to this. Even if they choose to run it from 12 to 4 most people in EU should be at work so if its a working day that is still a good time slot. If you are not working man the hell up do something else there not doing this for no reason, its to further relieve the queue times. pro tip go eat something its lunch time then go watch anime or something and play another game, Playing Heroes of the storm here. For all the things that have gone wrong many have gone as planned and overall NCsoft response time has been very good
  5. Your Support is Worthless

    I'm having a similar issue. I requested a server transfer or for them to simply delete all 6 of my characters and reset my master founder pack instead of transferring it etc. I finally got a reply before the end date (20th) I put in the details and nothing has happened and created the character on Ebon Hall. no reply no confirmation despite going on twitter, emailing them and checking the tickets directly on the support site. I don't care if they do or don't meet my request for a transfer but i do need a Y or N so i can carry on playing my characters on windrest. I would delete them but they each have outfits that add up to 7k coins including the dragon pouches. NCSoft you may want to create a bloody live chat for better customer service
  6. The beginning, and the end, of B&S?

    NCsoft have actually been very fast at responding to issues, want a faster queue pay the premium simple Not sure if my character transfer will go through, with the Ncoins refunded and master pack items transferred, but the fact they even offered this shows they are listening and responding to people. go check Twitter they have fast response times to posts If SquareEnix can *cricket* up there early access launch,think queue times are bad LMFAO try being unable to log in for 2 days of my 3 day head start. In comparison I think NCsoft have handled things OK, of course it could have gone better but could have been much worse.
  7. So, NCsoft, a question!

    i think the game is of course sexualised but i knew what i was in for 6 years ago. I also played Tera for 3 years, go play that game then play this and make a toned down char you either wont see difference and not care or think hmm this is actually not as less sexualised. (I will give B&S the boobs jiggle physicis, only high elfs had those on Tera) . Oh but the outfits, yes many are of course meant to cough enhance certain areas, but many are also lovely outfits that cover up most of your char, unlike most of Tera's armor. Even FFXIV has some races that are more sexualised than others Mithra/Miqote take the top spot for this.
  8. Server Transfer option?

    I made a Ticket asking them to delete my chars on Windrest if they will reset my master pack with the Ncoins on Saturday.;......... still waiting for a reply
  9. Why can't I bind mouse4 / mouse5

    I support this since I could not have played Tera or tanked like I did in FFXIV without full use of my naga, even with that i still had keyboard keybinds as well.