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  1. Request: No race specific classes

    Lore ties "Bladedancer" to Lyn by the way. Hence why the other versions call it the Lyn Blademaster. I don't get why they had to change the name for us but whatever lol.
  2. Elitism and Dungeon Suggestions

    First of all this is not said to be a jerk. This is just a simple observation. True enough the dungeons have been out one day. But you are taking advantage of other people by coming in with gear that is technically below what everyone should have at this point. True Siren is fine but theres no excuse for having the MW arena SS still. It was never optimum to begin with. You can finish BSH/Laby/Mushin mix in a day. Or you can finish a full set of any of those 3 in a day. I'm not the type of player that will leave if I see a ungeared person in my run. But I'll have to say its flat out annoying when I see a person who is obviously not prepared for the dungeon in the run. Simply because I know that outside of few classes, This person is contributing less. Which means me and other party people need to do more. Which is more time and with the amount of things you need to do every day in this game. Few people want to expend the extra time. So true getting new people geared up is important. But you should also think about other peoples time which is also important.
  3. @xArinxSir/Ma'am if you read and count you will notice that BnS is in the top 5 for games of its "genre". As I said before its regularly ranked within the Top 5 or Top 10 in Korea. Here I filtered for you:
  4. While I do wish the speed of updates a bit slower. But its also a good thing since the worst thing that can happen to a game is slow updates. And face it with foreign games SLOW updates is always the biggest issue. Even if the game is older we always get slow updates which has not been the case with BnS. Just work at doing your dailies and you can get Pirate done in no time. In all honesty there was time before the Warlock update to get all your materials saved if you were aiming for a Warlock main. I'm not sure what you are talking about in terms of BnS being dead in Korea as it is regularly ranked in the top 5/10 MMO's in Korea. It is also still P2P in Korea. Theres more then enough content for them to push us into next year not to mention the content that Team Bloodlust pushes out on a regular basis. You seem to be misinformed about the amount of content that BNS KR has as compared to us. The next update is simply a new set of blue dungeons and new set of purple dungeons. Korea has more dungeons + a REAL raid(I don't mean the 24 man instances we have now but a actual raid.) Korea also has more Floors on tower and another tower to go along with it. We are far away from the point where you should worry about content "running out".