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  1. B u m p due to the upcoming Poharan merge!
  2. B u m p i n g because we're recruiting again! : ^ )
  3. We have enough to do 45/end game content.
  4. Recruitment via interviews are back up!
  5. Hey guys, I made a guide.

    If the title caught your eyes, then welcome to this post! Here's my guide, though I do have to update it to fit the new content release. Feel free to ask me any questions/comments regarding it! :^) Link: https://goo.gl/GdHjkh (It is a google doc with a longass address, shortened for obvious reasons)
  6. It's purely up to the clan leader and his trusted advisers to whether they wish to implement a taxing system to help the clan grow. In regards to my clan, we have purely worked on growing the clan by donations alone, and fun incentives given by me or my vets on discord. There are multiple variations to contributing to your clan, but if you do not wish to join a clan for their taxing system, there should be another clan that fits your needs. :^)
  7. Hey man. We're currently full right now, but Rank 13 will be free game once we hit it (Plus 10 spots). Once we hit it, I'll try to let you know so you can apply. Thanks for having interest in the clan! - Kurogane
  8. What is your name Raizelnim? I will contact you when I can.
  9. Recruitment is now open again! Message Kurogane about an interview.
  10. Contact Kurogane about joining via whispering/adding. Thank you again for your consideration to join Nohr! :^)
  11. Recruitment is currently: Open, please send Princess Boa a whisper/add. :^) IF ANY POHARANS ARE READING THIS, WE WELCOME YOU TOO! Leader: Princess Boa Advisor: Sanao Guild Name: Nohr Type: PvP / PvE / Social / Endgame Faction: Cerulean Background: Nohr is a Rank 15 Cerulean clan that engages in both PvE and PvP content. We are also one of the very first clans created during the Early Access Phase. Our members consist of a tight knit community containing 70+ members, and ~30 consisting of active core members. The clan of Nohr aims to provide a community that you can call home: proving communication, friendliness, and best of all, support. What do we have that may satisfy your needs in a clan? - Active support during your endeavors in BnS - Informative in any questions you may ask - Friendliness to your fellow members - Cookies :^) - A tight bond that is inseparable by no means - A Discord chat for your offline + voice chat needs - A place where you can call home. What are the requirements? 1. To be active in the game, and to be friendly to your fellow clan mates. 2. Actively use Discord 3. No drama. Optional requirements: 1. Level 50+ So that you may participate in the endgame content 2. Microphone for Discord 3. Maturity goes a long way. If you are interested in joining, or would like to know more about the clan itself: - Feel free to message down below - Add/contact Princess Boa(Leader) or Sanao(Advisor) personally in the game ACHIEVEMENTS: - FIRST CLAN IN CERULEAN FACTION TO HIT RANK 15 - FIRST CLAN TO HAVE A RANK 15 CLAN DESIGN (Stylish Guerilla, Feral Fang Mask, Stylish Guerilla Hood) Thanks for coming by! :^)
  12. Hello everyone!

    Welcome to B&S. Feel free to add me and ask away for any tips. If you're playing an assassin, I'll have even more tips for you.
  13. Blight Weapon Cancer.

    Just persevere and continue on little cricket.