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  1. That's definitely not the case because I'm running around with roughly 130% Accuracy and even if you get parried or blocked/whatever it works usually. I'm sure it's more about the Conflagration buff running out and at the exact same time using Tab to refresh it, that it maybe makes the new 3 second buff run out instantly -> wouldn't be surprised with this spaghetti code
  2. Hey there, for some reason I've seen that bug happen really often after switching to the 32bit Client. Quick rundown on when it usually happens: I start my opener like this: 2 (Rush) -> 4 (Searing Slash) -> Tab (Lunar Slash) -> RMB Spam (Dragontongue during Conflagration Buff) and then I use my Z (Sundering Sword) almost when the Conflagration buff ran out from the Tab (Lunar Slash) and right when the Conflagration ends I use my Tab again that just got off cooldown. I get the tab animation, I have my Mystic Badge Proc but no Conflagration buff at all. If I use my Dual Strike that gives me 2 second Conflagration and then spam Dragontongue I actually get the Mystic Badge effect on those RMBs which means only the Conflagration buff is not applying to tab