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  1. I read you could get like somewhere between 1-2k peaches in an hour, so could be doable in 3-7 days if you going easy on it, of course I haven't done it before so can't say for sure.
  2. You do know you can farm peaches for a bit 'even if for just 30 mins', come back the next day and continue farming more until you have the amount you need to get the Forging Orb, it just that simple not that hard to do lol.
  3. It already possible to do it, you don't even have to be super strong to complete everything as long as you know what you doing, a group of 4-6 people can do it easily provided you got some range player 'like 2 atleast' that can attack the mobs 'that get too close' at a distance when defending Hak muki, assign two people to guns 'one flame, one ice' have them removing fiend shields, while not doing that they can kill off the small fiend with the guns. I done it before with just 4 people including me, but to be fair on that run we all was range players 'I believe' so was pretty damn
  4. Believe in yourself, use those iframe 'dodges' or counter, you can do it just take a bit of effort.
  5. In a perfect world they would tell people, but let be honest since when did a company told you infomation like this regarding any mmo, so far not at all from my experience if so not very much, some people just gotta start using their brains/think five steps ahead of the curve, another thing is from the very start they never really drop us info 'other than in live stream/twitter' on anything so why expect them to start doing that now?
  6. I don't wanna said rude it seem like you gave up on the game way too fast, I know how you feel starting out for the first time but dude the early parts of the game doesn't even compare to end game content, you already raging over doing the super easy level 45 and under content 'facepalm'.
  7. Tell me about these scrubs had it somewhat good, yet they can't handle the burn especially when other had to pay more than them, I seriously going wtf about that other dude saying I made a mistake revolving about upgrading like really?, make it seem like you pressed the wrong button or something 'which they didn't'
  8. Hmm... you don't see me asking for one, I had to pay more than some of you guys 'who got free premium stone, or some at 200g, compare to 350+ for 5 of them', add to that I didn't get anything from trove but to be fair I didn't open any slots up so there that lol.
  9. If you check the tool tip in game 'where they show you what drop in said dungeon' it tell you where to get the untamed pets but you gotta do 4man dungeon for them like Asura and up. edit also there marketplace if you got gold
  10. Dude I don't wanna hear any crying here, I brought like 5 premium stone around the time you needed 3 just for stage 1 '1 each for stage 2 and 3' so I could go straight to stage 3, at the time they cost like 300-350 if not more gold, you guys had it better 'during trove I saw it was like 200, one day it was at 180' so no complaining, what done is done time to move on.
  11. I know how you feel dude but chill, like many said before no one force/hold a gun to your head and told you to blaze thru, I upgraded my dagger to stage 3 I believe when you needed 3 premium stone for stage 1 'plus 2 more p stone, one for stage 2 and stage 3', I went from True Scorpio stage 10 straight to baleful stage 3, cost quite some gold but what done is done, sitting at stage 6 atm.
  12. If I was you I would just focus on your main 'unless they set already, in which case do your 2nd main' and max out the hongmoon earring and ring, those are the two most important ones and just use Pinnacle necklace, bracelet, and belt, you won't have too much time If they freeze accessories on this stratus update 'which believe they will' whatever stage you stop at will be permanent 'say you only manage to get your earring to awaken boss, than it'll be stuck on that stage'.
  13. I heard something like a few unlock automatically with the skill tree change?
  14. It does seem pretty bad indeed, on the bright side it just one weapon chest instead of many 'if you don't count the legendary upgrade'.
  15. Was wondering do you still gotta get the hm books 'necro, yeti' for this skill after the new update?, only one I don't have yet and like to know if I need to farm for it or whatnot.
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