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  1. Name: Obscura Felinae Mitglieder: Zurzeit aktive 8 (kann sich immer ändern) Rang: 4 Clanrichtung: Familiär & Spaß stehen im Vordergrund Tagesprogramm: Daylies, Muti-Run´s, PvP Wochenprogramm: Weekly´s, Klan Bg´s & zukünftig Raids Fraktion: Karmin Infos zu uns: Unser Clan besteht größtenteils aus einer Community die Spaß am Spiel und gesunden Semi -Progress wollen. Die Betonung liegt hierbei ganz klar auf "gesund", denn der Spielspaß steht bei
  2. @Cyan Is it possible to do a complete reset on current F11 rankings? As the challenge mode ranking (100% confirmed) and most likely the top 10 in most rankings such as Battlegrounds, Tower of Infinity and Arena also used those XML explots? Those exploiters might be punished or will never reach those rankings again since they won't use these exploits in the future, but what about now? They will get unfairely claimed rewards and basicly screw over other normal playing players (as they have been doing for 2yrs alrrdy). On the topic of Exploits of 3th party software, Can you fix the Spectral BM
  3. I already done this over 5 times, I've send e-mails with all the needed explanation + information in one solid e-mail. BUT still they don't get it! They keep responding to the very first e-mail saying it has been resolved since I didn't reply in 48 hrs??
  4. I just tried what you said but I still redirects me back to the account information page, I tried it on chrome, edge, internet explorer and firefox :(
  5. Hello guys, First of all let me explain the title of this topic. The entire situation started when I bought a Sundered/Elevation necklace chest from the achievement vendor. I opened this box with sea glass on accident instead of bloodstones so I received the wrong necklace. I tried creating tickets for this matter to hopefully get a revert since I made this mistake the same day (5days ago now). I noticed I am unable to create tickets on the support website what so ever, it keeps sending me back to the account information screen. So I tried contacting them by the e-mail given
  6. Sending an email to the support system does not do anything. I have been trying to contact the support team for 1 week now with the same problem. The replies you post on the responses are unable to reach the support team... I have had this problem for 2 years now, I am totally unable to post tickets at all!
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