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  1. after all the failures ncsoft had in the past (city of heroes, MxM, wildstar) i am glad i quit this game in 1 week after being released in the west, yes i was a fool to buy the grand master foundation i think it was called the one that it costed 130 euros...but hey i escaped cheaper than other...i was expecting gold spammers and farming bots..but the cheaters in arena that was the last straw and don't reply me "but the bots in arena are a good thing" might be good in the short term but it will ruin the game for most people in the long term. haven't playied the game since then and if others are
  2. lets face it, don't compare blizzard with ncfail by a looong shot, botters was more cautiously back in the wow days for obviously reason and yes blizzard had tons of gm's in game, on hellfire server we had a sponsored guild to be always 1st on the end game content, when they abused a bug they were banned for 72 hours, ncfail gm's are non existent FOR REAL, i said it back in the past and i'll say it again, this bull & shet it's even a bigger catastrophe than aion, i quit playing the game before 10th february and even tough i bought a master pack...ENOUGH its ENOUGH ncfail won't get anymore
  3. lol are you nuts? EU servers has maintenance 3-4 times a week
  4. go play tera then lol, i'm going back to planetside 2
  5. yeah this maintenance for EU which ncfail does is causing problems, in my time zone which is gmt +1 i work from 6 am to 15 pm so when i come home surprise Maintenance for 3+ hours not to mention server restarts, quick fix's = more maintenance hours.....ncwest doesn't give a flying *cricket* about europe so when my premium expires so long bns. I also bet from those 2 million players they claim to have 1.5 mil are gold sellers with tons of sacrificing accounts. Every online game based for EU makes their maintenance between 2 am - 6 am (ex: blizzard, failforge, etc) ncwest should split the freack
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