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  1. Clarification about Scarlet Events

    I get lost about the new upcoming event!! From the preview on the website they are talking about collecting those polished scale fragment in many ways: Daily Challenge reward, Tower of Memory Daily quest and Daily login reward. For tower of memory we get x3 polished scale fragment / Ok Good got it! For daily login we get x3 polished scale fragment / Ok Good got it! And for Daily challenge reward? I get lost in that part. #SendHelp Isnt explained good at all. I'm getting that Dragon Bounty Chest from completing two dungeon listed + one random than click on my Daily challenge reward and that's it? I get it only from the quest/dynamic of the dungeon listed? In these case, which dungeon gives the chest? I need to complete both of them? just one? I receive x1 Dragon Bounty Chest each dungeon listed ? Can i have a nice explain @Cyan please!
  2. You are still wrong dude, they dont have pet pod or viarls or whatever but succes rate of those items are rng, u can spend the material to upgrade 1time and get it with a lot of luck or trying 1million time and still failing. Ok they have daily oils and pet pod but all those thing are balanced for example: x1 Vial here cost 300g x1 Vial in kr cost like 1250g We get like 150/180g daily from ssm to bc and solo dng Kr have like 30% more gold from quest We just spend 210Vials to max the soul 63k gold Kr: every between step are 100%, and rng for awekening ascending, true cosmic, true tiger and all the other. So they just spend like 400k gold min to just try to make one of this step Are u still complain and u still want to discuss the difference between KR and EU ? Let me know Don't misunderstand, I agree that the cost of nova is freeking high, but at least we dont have the same pain of KR with rng. As far as i know chinese community choose to have all those feature cox they are like 99% pvp player. Might i can wrong im not 100% sure of that
  3. You just miss a lil part, KR and TW server are the most p2w server of blade and soul and theyr upgrade of Soul/heart and Nova are rng and can fail. So that's why they cost less. If u feel scammed just quit the game like half of this community. We follow the KR patch note and TW for upgrade without the rng and failure. What's better? spend like 50k gold for 370pet pod and got ur item or up to 1m gold with the rng like tw servers? we need to be gratefull to not have rng item tbh.

    The reason why u have fps drop is why u updated ur windows version to 1803. Roll back ur system and everything should be fine. The game have some issue with win10 1803 version idk why and support didnt give me any answer about that just "we know about this issue". Btw i got that problem too and i solved with a new fresh win10 installation without upgrade anything. 121fps maxed out with a gtx960 ^^